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Barash Storms

GH’s Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie), who tied the knot in June 2013, have made the difficult decision to divorce. 

“We are splitting due to the cliché irreconcilable differences, but we’re splitting amicably,” Barash tells Digest exclusively, stressing that their first priority is daughter Harper, 2. “We have every intention of remaining a family through this and successfully co-parenting our kid and retaining a friendship in the efforts of raising her in a healthy environment.” 

Barash and Storms share that they sought professional help to work on their relationship. “This was not a hasty decision; a lot of thought and therapy went into this,” he explains. Adds Storms, “We went to therapy for a long time, trying to figure out how to communicate better with each other. It’s not anything that we dislike about each other…” “But we’ve decided that raising our daughter in two separate homes would be a healthier choice for all of us,” notes Barash. 

They are still planning to attend this weekend's GH Fantasy Weekend event in East Hanover, NJ. "I am super-excited about this weekend; I think we’re going to have a good time," says Storms. "If fans are looking to go and watch us be awkward with each other, that’s totally not going to happen. We are getting along, and I would say enjoying each other’s company more now that we don’t have the pressure of what comes with a relationship added on to that. I think Brandon and I are really looking forward to getting our friendship with each other back.”

Barash agrees. “It will be good. I think letting people know and getting it out there will also take a tremendous burden off of both of our shoulders. We’ve each been through breakups before but never really in public, so this is certainly another layer to the proverbial onion that neither of us has dealt with."

They are well aware that there may be gossip about what caused the split, but Storms emphasizes, “There was nothing that went into this outside of what we’ve told you. We’re doing what we feel is best for ourselves and Harper.” Barash adds, “People are going to speculate because they always want to, and they always want to place blame, but it was a joint decision that we thought everyone in our family would benefit from.”