Exclusive: Jeff Kober On GH Exit

Jeff Kober’s stint as baddie Cyrus concluded on June 16, when the disgraced G.H. chairperson was spirited away to a federal penitentiary for his litany of crimes. The actor, who is currently nominated for a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Supporting Actor, cherished his time in Port Charles. “It was such a treat for me,” he enthuses. “You know, this was a three-month job that turned into a year-and-a-half.” He says that the gig gave him a new appreciation for daytime. “The level of education that I’ve gotten from working on this show and the level of writing, the level of directing, the level of everything that goes into a show like this, and the room that they gave me to just do whatever came out of me — all of that was just eye-opening to me,” he marvels. “And I couldn’t be more delighted about it.” To the fans, he says, “Thank you for hating me in such a lovely fashion! And for watching closely enough that when we found out I had mother issues, it made it harder for you to hate me.” Look for more with Kober in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale Friday.