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Exclusive: Deidre Hall Dishes About The Pawn Story On DAYS OF OUR LIVES



What were your thoughts when you saw the show was revisiting John’s past as The Pawn? “I always wonder how far we’ll take it, because when you lose ‘John,’ it can be a slippery slope. We know how stable he is, how wonderful he is, how romantic he is. Then when you see him as somebody else, it’s sort of like, ‘Wait, what?’ This storyline with Konstantin takes him [in a different direction], but he remains as John. Well, for most of it.”

Is Marlena starting to become concerned about Konstantin? “It’s baffling. It’s so baffling. Of course, everybody’s concerned. We start by being concerned because it’s so obvious that he’s working Maggie. We’re concerned about, ‘Who is he? What is he doing? Why is he all over her?’ The concern starts there. Then we see that there’s a bit of a link between Konstantin and John. So it’s concerning. Absolutely.”

Although Marlena is not aware of what Konstantin is doing to John, she senses his emotional turmoil and that he’s troubled. Is that why she gave him the keychain that read, “GOING HOME TO DOC”? Is it almost to anchor him in some way? “I don’t know if I would say that, but it’s a good take on it. Yeah, going home; that could be a very good thing for John to have right now.”

Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn


Pawn Star: As John (Drake Hogestyn) is adrift, grappling with the reemergence of his past sins, Marlena remains his anchor.

Marlena’s been trying to comfort John through his confusion and concerns that maybe his past isn’t in really in the past. Does she feel like she needs to be the person to reassure him throughout this? “It’s exactly what she does, and that’s exactly the person she becomes through this. She says, ‘I know who you are. The rest of this doesn’t matter, because I know the man that you are inside and underneath. You’re good and you’re solid and you’re kind.’ She offers John the comfort of someone to stand with him and remind him that he is a good, good man.”

Is she trying to drive that point home with him, so that no matter what he finds out, he’ll always hear her voice in the back of his head reminding him of the man he is today? “Well, he doesn’t even exactly know what that past is at this point. I mean, Konstantin has sort of mind-controlled him a bit. But John does go off on a mission to clear his name in Greece. So, there is a tale to all this that goes on a bit.”