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Exclusive DAYS Preview: Konstantin Goes Out With a Bang!

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Maggie and Konstantin’s Days of our Lives wedding guests are stunned by Konstantin’s confession that he was responsible for Victor’s death, but no one is more shocked than his bride.

“All we knew up until this point, all the audience knew, was that Victor’s plane went down,” reminds Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). “We didn’t know how it went down or what exactly happened. What [we learn is] that Konstantin [orchestrated] it when he found out about the revised will that Victor had done over in Greece. He made up his mind that he was going to get [part of his fortune] one way or the other, and he had to get rid of Victor in order to do it.”

The news crushes Maggie. “Konstantin kept teasing that there was something else, that there was more to the story,” recounts Rogers. “That’s when he said that he killed Victor, that he was the one responsible for his death. She found out at the wedding that Konstantin took her husband from her.”

Overcome with emotion, Maggie “just keels over, and Justin catches her,” previews Rogers. “It’s all just been too much. It’s been the lies. It’s been the betrayal. Maggie lost her mind for a second, and that’s why she faints. She just couldn’t believe that Konstantin was that evil. And she still doesn’t know about Theresa’s involvement with him yet.”

Bonnie and Justin take Maggie upstairs and she tries to come to grips with everything that’s transpired. “It’s all beyond any comprehension that she even has because she probably would have given [money] to him because that’s how she is,” notes Rogers. “I mean, she wouldn’t have given him half of the estate or whatever, but she would’ve helped him out, you know what I’m saying? She helped him stay [in Salem]. That’s why she was getting married to him, to keep him in this country.”

Chaos Erupts

Back downstairs, Steve and John attempt to detain Konstantin, but he grabs Theresa and uses her as a human shield, shooting his way out of the mansion and hitting Steve with a bullet. Alex and Brady take off after Konstantin, while Xander gets Sarah to tend to Steve before he joins the chase for the scoundrel.

Ultimately, Brady and Alex catch up with Konstantin and Theresa. Konstantin orders Brady, who’s toting a gun to drop it, but Xander shows up and takes it from him. Just as Konstantin is about to reveal Theresa’s role in Victoria’s kidnapping, she elbows him and he retaliates by trying to strangle her. While Brady and Alex try to pull Konstantin off Theresa, Konstantin reveals that the Kiriakis clan has an enemy in their midst.

That enemy, of course, is Theresa, who’s keeping the big secret that Xander and not Alex is the late Victor’s son and heir to half of his estate.“Maggie has no idea,” says Rogers, admitting that it’s bound to come as a huge surprise and disappointment to her character. “Maggie kind of likes Theresa. She defended her, and she took up for her. So this is going to hurt her. [As women] I think we can take a lot from men. We almost expect that they’re going to try to pull some sh*t. We get hurt more when a friend does it, when a woman does it that we’ve taken under our wing. So to have been really taken in by Theresa is going to hurt.”