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Exclusive DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Sarah and Xander's Steamy Reunion!

Linsey Godfrey, Paul Telfer


Steam Team: Xander (Paul Telfer) and Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) succumb to passion.

Sarah and Xander’s long-awaited reunion finally happens when the couple reconnects in a sexy shower scene.

The steamy encounters goes down after Xander returns from a run and heads to the bathroom to wash up. He is surprised when Sarah suddenly joins him. “[The situation] has got all this fraught peril,” observes Paul Telfer (Xander). “The stakes are so high. Xander’s still head over heels in love with Sarah, but he keeps ruining everything. And they’ve hit this really nice status quo, for Victoria’s sake, where they’re able to live together and occasionally have these accidental smooches, but then they reset and go, ‘Oh, we shouldn’t do that.’ So to really go all the way again is going to change everything.”

Sarah, however, is ready for that change and decides to incite it. “Unlike Xander, Sarah hasn’t casually moved on over and over again,” notes Linsey Godfrey (Sarah). “The reason that Sarah has never moved on is because she’s always been in love with Xander. They clearly have so much chemistry. They clearly have so much love, and sharing this child really makes it even more [special]. She’s seeing him step up and really believing in the change. So for her, it’s like, ‘Let’s be together already. We’re already playing house. We’re already in love with each other… I’m just going to do it!’ ”

When she sidles up to him in the shower, Xander totally welcomes Sarah under the cascading water and into his arms. “Obviously, he’s happy and excited and all of that, but it’s also got this kind of heaviness to it,” according to Telfer. “There’s the gravity of, ‘Don’t mess it up. If you’re going to love this woman again, you really have to be the person you say you’re trying to be. You have to stop trying to be him and just be him.’ ”

Their shower time is steamy in more ways than one. “This one goes up to 11,” winks Telfer. “Yeah, this is a pretty intensely steamy show,” Godfrey concurs. “I knew it was going to be steamy because I got a phone call from each producer and the director to just [discuss] everything in the book to make sure that I was comfortable. So I was really grateful,” she says.

For his part, Telfer was clued in when he found his “wardrobe” for the shower scene in his dressing room. “My costume was just a nude tan type [underwear], like a thong bikini for a man,” he reports. “We rehearsed it dry, I guess is the way I’d say it. And it was all very technical. ‘Put your hands here. Lift her up there. Spin here. Grab his hair there.’ But then they called action, and we just did whatever.”

The actors are on the same page when it comes to infusing their on-screen coupling with passion. “Linsey and I are very invested in making Xander and Sarah the best,” says Telfer. “So whenever we get a chance to level up on something – whether we’re screaming at each other or we’re loving each other or we’re being funny – we always want to try and get to that next place. So without being too creepy, yeah, we wanted to make it as hot as possible.”

The “Xarah” action then moves out of the bathroom. “They get out of the shower and things are continuing in the bedroom,” picks up Godfrey. But while the duo is tearing up the sheets, their couple’s reconciliation takes a sharp detour. “The cops break on in,” the actress details. “They’re both like, ‘What the heck are you doing in our house? What are you in our bedroom for?!’ ”

The cops announce that they’re there to arrest Xander, and he and Sarah are shocked. “Xander has no idea what’s going on,” says Telfer. “Neither does Sarah.” Xander is then promptly carted off to the police station, leaving Sarah behind.