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Exclusive Days of Our Lives Preview: Everett's Intervention

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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: Marlena (Deidre Hall) enlists Jada and Stephanie to help convince Everett (Blake Berris) to get the help he needs.

After an encounter with Everett, who seems unaware of his recent personality switch, Marlena contacts Jada to discuss staging an intervention for her ex. The psychiatrist believes that Everett, also known as Bobby Stein, needs to return to therapy for what she suspects is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Jada Steps Up

“Jada’s very cautious, because she’s aware of what Bobby was capable of, how he had an on and off switch or would zone out,” reports Elia Cantu (Jada). “But she is still in detective mode, and she definitely has a soft spot for him. She did love this man and there are parts of him she has empathy for, because he had a tough upbringing. So she wants to get down to the bottom of it.”

To that end, Jada agrees to take part in Everett’s intervention, knowing that Stephanie and Marlena will be beside her. “Jada wants to figure out what’s happening, because she knows him as Bobby,” notes Cantu. “She doesn’t know that there’s a medical condition involved here or if it’s for sure DID. So she’s just like, ‘I need to figure this out, too.’ It’s for her own peace of mind.”

Things proceed as Jada, Stephanie and Marlena visit Everett. The two women in his life, past (Jada) and present (Stephanie), explain that Marlena suspects he has DID. “We all kind of show up one at a time,” shares Cantu. “When he sees what’s happening, he feels bombarded and a little betrayed.”

Bobby Takes Over

To protect Everett from the prospect of dealing with painful memories, Bobby suddenly emerges. “[It’s already been revealed that] he had some childhood trauma and that is going to come a little more to light at this time,” says Cantu. “Bobby is going to come out. He’s going to be in that room during that intervention, and it’s a bit intense.”

For Jada, who’s seen Bobby in full swing before, “It’s like, ‘Here he is. This is the Bobby I’ve been trying to tell you all about. This is him,’ ” relays Cantu. “The tiger’s loose, and Bobby’s a bit of a tiger.”

Bobby begins to flirt with Jada and vows that he will never let Everett out again. His words hit both Stephanie and Jada hard. “Stephanie wants Everett back. Bobby doesn’t want to let Everett out. But here’s the thing, Who did Bobby love?” poses Cantu. “So that’s going to be a conflict. Jada is not single. Jada doesn’t love him. Jada is with Rafe now. So if he’s not going to let Everett out, that means Bobby’s back permanently. And Bobby’s going to want Jada. He’s not interested in Stephanie. So, as you can imagine, the dynamics are going to change.”

However, before they do, Everett/Bobby passes out. When he comes to, Marlena gets him to agree to be hospitalized, while Stephanie worries that Everett may be gone for good….



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