DAYS Stars Reflect On Their Days As Students

Favorite subject:

Evans: “English.”

Madison: “English.”

Wilson: “English, I had a knack for it and did well.”

Least favorite subject:

Evans: “Government.”

Madison: “Math.”

Wilson: “Math.”

Favorite extracurricular activity:

Evans: “Swimming, roller-skating, and skateboarding.”

Madison: “Dance team.”

Wilson: “I played a lot of sports, so basketball and football.”

Favorite school supply:

Evans: “Pee-Chees [old school folders].”

Madison: “I loved my Trapper Keeper.”

Wilson: “I liked my pens.”

Class clown or teacher’s pet?

Evans: “Teacher’s pet.”

Madison: “Neither. I was the quiet one daydreaming in the back row.”

Wilson: “Really, neither. I was a bit more shy growing up and just tried to stay cool.”

School portrait: Frame it, burn it or post it online?

Evans: “Frame it.”

Madison: “All of the above.”

Wilson: “Frame it, light it on fire, and post it online on fire. I had some pretty wild haircuts growing up.”

Detention: Rarely, regularly or never?

Evans: “Never.”

Madison: “Rarely.”

Wilson: “Regularly.”

Study ahead or cram for a test?

Evans: “Study ahead.”

Madison: “Depends on the class, but probably crammed.”

Wilson: “Cram for a test.”

Honor roll or just scraped by?

Evans: “Honor roll … mostly.”

Madison: “ I was always somewhere in the middle.”

Wilson: “I made honor roll a few times. I’d say half and half.”

Favorite movie about school:

Evans:Superbad and Clueless.”

Madison:Sixteen Candles.”

Wilson:Dead Poets Society.”

Prom night: A bust or a blast?

Evans: “Bust.”

Madison: “I went to several proms, and they were always pretty boring. The afterparties were a blast, though.”

Wilson: “A blast.”

Reunion: Attend or skip it?

Evans: “Skip it.”

Madison: “I attended my 10-year reunion, and it was so fun to see everyone!”

Wilson: “I’ve skipped it.”

Where is your diploma now?

Evans: “In the garage somewhere in an old unopened box.”

Madison: “I don’t know where my high school diploma is, but my degree is on the wall in my office.”

Wilson: “With my mom.”

In high school, my dream career was…

Evans: “At first a doctor, then an actress.”

Madison: “To be an actress.”

Wilson: “At one point I wanted to be an athlete and play football.”