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DAYS Stars Look Back On Their School Days

Favorite subject

Arnold: “My favorite subject was History. I love learning about why the world is the way it is and seeing where everything stems from.”

Bowens: “English/Creative Writing.”

Martsolf: “English.”

Reynolds: “I love reading about history. I’m almost always reading a history and a nonfiction concurrently.”

Least favorite subject

Arnold: “Math. I’m so horrible at math. I still can’t leave a tip; I need my calculator for everything. It’s embarrassing.”

Bowens: “Chemistry, but I think it was because of my teacher.”

Martsolf: “Math.”

Reynolds: “Math. Sad to say. I wish I was better at it.”

Favorite extracurricular activity

Arnold: “Chorus class. I did that for a while and that was fun. I love singing.”

Bowens: “Cheerleading.”

Martsolf: “Socializing.”

Reynolds: “I love to read anywhere, anytime. Oh, yeah, basketball is a close No. 2.”

Favorite school supply

Arnold: “I love a good spiral notebook. I remember going and picking out the prettiest colors. It was fun.”

Bowens: “Colorful highlighters.”

Martsolf: “Trapper Keeper.”

Reynolds: “Pencil and paper are the top and only supplies you need in school.”

Class clown or teacher’s pet?

Arnold: “I think I was a bit of a mix. I definitely was a few teachers’ favorites and they were my favorites but I wouldn’t say I was a pet.”

Bowens: “Teacher’s pet, but I had a big mouth so I’d sometimes get in trouble.”

Martsolf: “Clown.”

Reynolds: “Neither. I was the class shy guy.”

School portrait: Frame it, burn it or post it online?

Arnold: “Frame it and leave it in my mom’s room.”

Bowens: “Light it on fire!”

Martsolf: “Post it.”

Reynolds: “Frame it. The older I get, it reminds me that I was once young and cute.”