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DAYS Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
Philip and Belle decided to name their baby Claire…. Shawn and Mimi enjoyed their evening at Chez Rouge. They talked about relationships and dating. Mickey sent over champagne for them to share.

Nicole guzzled martinis while sitting with Austin, who wasn’t happy about her drinking. She asked if he still had feelings for her. Yes, replied Austin. They danced and flirted. He noted that he had left his heart in Salem, but didn’t say with whom. In the bathroom, Sami held a candlestick menacingly in front of Kate. Don’t even think about it, snarked Kate. The women argued about Lucas, John, Roman, Chelsea and everything else they hate each other for. Kate tearfully tried to defend herself for wrecking Sami and Lucas’s lives. Kate then said her sons would never go near Nicole OR Sami. Really? Sami smirked, then privately reveled in the fact that Kate would see her with Austin.

Philip came to Chez Rouge and spied Nicole dancing with Austin. The brothers had a happy reunion. Go get yourself a drink, Philip suggested, so he could catch up with Austin. During their conversation, Phil warned Austin about Nic, then left and went back to Belle. He called Shawn and Mimi to come over. They went to the hospital, where Belle asked them to be Claire’s godparents.

Nicole went back to Austin’s table. Kate exited the bathroom and met up with her son. She wasn’t happy to see Nicole sitting with him, but was even less thrilled when she discovered that Sami was his dinner date.

Hope tried to get through to Chelsea, who was only annoyed that Hope was defending Billie. Chelsea then accused Hope of hating her. She complained that everyone was ganging up on her and ran out. Bo went after her. What’s wrong, he asked. She explained that she was upset about what Sami said at the wedding about Kate and Billie being whores and how Billie explained that yes, they were. Maybe it runs in the family, Chelsea noted. No way, said Bo. Chelsea told her father she needed money to buy new clothes for her job at Basic Black. Bo handed her cash and asked her to try and get along with Billie in return. Below deck, Billie and Hope had a heart-to-heart about raising teenagers. Bo came back down and said he had worked things out with Chelsea. The teen called Max to meet her at a club downtown.

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