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DAYS OF OUR LIVES's Elia Cantu On Jada's "Tumultuous" Blast From The Past



Connecting with her surprise DAYS OF OUR LIVES ex-husband, Blake Berris (Everett), didn’t take a lot of effort for Elia Cantu (Jada).

“He is fabulous,” raves the actress. “It’s been amazing. Honestly, I love working with him. Great actor. Very, very passionate. He’s really excited. You can tell he loves what he does, and it shows. You feel that energy when you work with him. And I love rehearsing with him. He’s no stranger to wanting to rehearse and run lines or FaceTime.”

Cantu admits that when Berris first returned to the soap and she discovered their characters’ connection, she had “so many unanswered questions. I was trying to get the scoop from the producers. ‘Is he a twin? Is he this? Is he that?’ Because I was trying to understand how Stephanie and Jada dated the same man and didn’t know it. I was trying to figure that out.” Now that the Everett/Bobby twist is out in the open in the Salem universe, “He and I are going to have this tumultuous kind of thing going on,” notes Cantu. “But my goal as an actor — and his, too — is we want the audience to feel our history. I know we’re not saying it, but we want them to feel it. Because feelings don’t lie. Chemistry doesn’t lie. When things do come to a head, you’re going to feel the pain. You’re going to feel the love. You’re going to feel all the conflict that’s there. Because no matter if a person does you dirty and hurts you, you still are going to have love for them. The pain and anger comes from that love that was once there. And there’s so much passion there.”

Blake Berris, Abigail Klein, Galen Gering, Elia Cantu


History Lesson: Cantu is delighted to be sharing the DAYS stage with Blake Berris (Everett, l.). Also pictured: Abigail Klein (Stephanie) and Galen Gering (Rafe)