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Days of our Lives Spoilers Video: The Wrath of Kon

days of our lives spoilers konstantin, xander, alex, maggie, theresa.


The Tough Questions

Rafe is tired of being stonewalled and needs information — now. “What do you know about Li Shin’s murder?” he asks of someone, most likely Clyde, who has been apprehended by Harris. The voiceover then says, “It’s time for answers…” as images of Clyde and Li flicker on and off across the screen.

“He said that Abigail’s still alive,” says a stunned Chad to a hopeful Julie. “Do you think it’s true she could be alive?” she asks him back, as we see Chad giving his eldest, Thomas, a reassuring hug. If true, this would be a life-changing moment for both the Hortons and the DiMera clans.

The voiceover continues its thought saying, “….to what really happened…” as Victor’s portrait is seen before it turns into a flashback of Konstantin sitting at a table across from Victor, with only the back of the Kiriakis patriarch’s head showing. “Why not draft a new will right now,” he says, as we see a suitcase of money opened.

The Wrath of Kon

“I am the one who sabotaged his plane,” boasts Konstantin to everyone gathered for his wedding to Victor’s widow, Maggie. An outraged Alex, standing alongside an equally angry-looking Brady, says, “You murdered my father!” The action quickly switches to Konstantin brandishing a gun as he has control of Theresa, shots are fired and we see Brady, Alex and Xander ducking for cover.

Not only that, Maggie faints as John and Steve aim at the man who has been a thorn in their sides ever since he hit town. Konstantin takes his shot, Steve gets hit before the action switches to outside of the home.

“You’ll deal with me now,” says Xander, brandishing his own weapon aimed right at Konstantin. The madman digs his gun deeper into Theresa’s neck as Xander orders him to talk, with Alex standing nearby. “Victor isn’t your father,” he says menacingly laughing as the camera shows close-ups of both Alex and Xander. See it all for yourself in the video below and check out this preview of the action here.

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