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DAYS February Preview

Head Writer Ron Carlivati shares his big plans.

Murder Mystery: “Salem is going to be rocked by a stunning murder. We’re doing a whodunit, which I always find to be fun and challenging. I think people like a murder mystery, but the challenge for us is to lay out the clues and the groundwork correctly so that we tell the story fairly, yet it’s not so obvious.”

Sami Returns: “I have been lucky that Alison Sweeney has come back for these stints. We have her for a pretty good chunk of time, which is great. I always like to introduce Sami with a bang, in a big way and at a critical moment, and this time, all of those boxes are checked. What’s great about her, too, is that she usually finds herself in a mess and it’s usually of her own making.”

Ben/Ciara: “The challenge of telling this story is they’re not together and people want to see Ben and Ciara together, so we had to find a way to play them together. I’ve always been fascinated when a couple is written in the stars, fated to be together. Marlena can feel when John is in danger, for example, and so we really decided to go with that and make it a component of the story, that Ben and Ciara are finding ways to reach out to one another, almost on a psychic plane, during this time.”

Laura: “Laura turns out to be the key to the Gwen and Jack story and brings clarity. What she reveals kicks off yet another explosion that will have a ripple effect that ultimately ends in tragedy. It’s going to have some big consequences for everybody.”

Xander/Sarah: “When the story with Philip laundering money shakes out, Xander doesn’t get the pat on the head and the thank-you he expects from Victor, so it makes Xander want to break from Titan. By breaking from that, what does he have left? He has Sarah. The one thing he knows he wants to do is marry Sarah.”

Steve/Kayla: “Knowing that their anniversary is on Valentine’s Day, it has always been the plan and in the works for a while that we would have them get remarried on their anniversary, so we have that to look forward to on Valentine’s Day.”

Kristen/Brady/Chloe: “We’ve seen Kristen trapped in Statesville, alone; her imagination is running away with her with regard to Brady and Chloe. How can she find control when she’s locked up in prison? We found a fun way to do that and you’ll see how her plan unfolds and how she intends to insinuate herself between Brady and Chloe.”

Kate/Jake/Gabi/Philip: “We know there are a lot of Jake and Gabi fans out there but we wanted this couple to have an obstacle to overcome and the obstacle is Kate. I always thought an interesting fourth element, making it a quadrangle, would be Philip. He’s floating around out there, he is Kate’s son, and it seemed logical to put him into the story — and it seems like an opportunity for Gabi to get under Jake and Kate’s skin.”

Vivian/Ivan/Eli/Lani: “From the moment we saw Ivan as Raynor’s employer, that was our way of tipping our hat that Vivian is involved in this story. What you will see when we introduce Vivian is that we put a bit of a twist on it and that her getting the babies wasn’t exactly a straight line. Psychologically, it made sense that this isn’t a revenge story, this is a woman who is getting a second chance to raise twins. Carter and Jules are standing in as surrogates for Stefan and Jake. There is some zany fun, but the emotional stakes are very high, because Eli and Lani have had their children taken from them.”

Paulina: “I cannot be more excited for this story with Jackée Harry. I wanted to flesh Lani and Eli’s family out a little more and keep them front and center, so Paulina shows up on the heels of the kidnapping story and comes in as her splashy self. You’ll see exactly who she is when she comes in.”

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