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DAYS Faves Look Ahead To 2023

Yearly Beloveds: Kyle Lowder (Rex), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole)

My New Year’s resolution is to:
Lowder: “Live more in the moment. I’m always kind of in the future. What do I want to accomplish? I need to slow down and stop and smell the roses.”
Martsolf: “Be more available for my children’s events and activities and try to not miss a thing.”
Zucker: “Complete my goals and goal-setting. That it is a better resolution. I find it to be more effective when I can reach for something that feels attainable.”

How likely are you to keep it?
Lowder: “100 percent. I have an accountability buddy.”
Martsolf: “97.2 percent. I just did the math on my calculator.”
Zucker: “For me, goal-setting is permanent.”

My biggest goal for this year is:
Lowder: “I don’t want to say them out loud, but they involve milestones that I want to hit in my entertainment career and my real estate career.”
Martsolf: “To get The Day Players up and touring, have a really successful journey around the United States, and play a lot of music.”
Zucker: “To continue to bring value, clarity, excitement and adventure for our Aloha Life members through our retreats and speaking events.”

What about 2022 will you remember most fondly?
Lowder: “My daughter becoming a teenager was a big moment. We just finished a full week of celebration with her. I’m also really proud of my real estate business and spending as much time in Salem as I did this past year.”
Martsolf: “The athletic achievements of my two boys and their water polo story. My one boy became the MVP of his division, and the other made first team, which is quite an accomplishment.”
Zucker: “My biggest memory of 2022 is watching my daughter understand what her true value is and what she has to offer the people she surrounds herself with at such a young age. I am so very proud of her.”

What about 2022 do you hope to leave in the past?
Lowder: “I made some rookie mistakes within the real estate industry that I learned from and don’t wish to repeat.”
Martsolf: “The never-ending issues with my pool equipment. I’m hoping that it just works next year, and nothing has to be replaced.”
Zucker: “I can’t think of anything really that I would leave in the past in 2022. I find that any situation that may have been difficult is a life-learning gift that I get to choose to succeed from.”

What I’m most looking forward to in 2023 is:
Lowder: “Spending more time in the soap opera genre. I love it to death.”
Martsolf: “It’s my 20th wedding anniversary. I’m looking forward to doing something really special with my wife, Lisa, who works her butt off with these two teenage boys, while I’m at work. I’m hoping to do something wonderful to say thank you to her.”
Zucker: “Seeing my incredible fiancé [Shawn Christian, ex-Daniel] continue with the work he truly is gifted for. He has a special gift of motivating people, and watching him succeed brings me so much joy.”

Something I’d like to find more time for in 2023 is:
Lowder: “Golf.”
Martsolf: “I want to spend as much time as I can with my boys, knowing full well that I could very well be an empty nester in 2024.”
Zucker: “To always stay in the proactive mindset. I would like to write more. I enjoy writing blogs and worksheets focusing on health and wellness.”

Something I’d like to do less of in 2023 is:
Lowder: “Procrastinate.”
Martsolf: “Not calling the pool maintenance man for anything.”
Zucker: “There literally isn’t anything I would do less of. I am annoyingly proactive.”

A place I hope to travel in 2023:
Lowder: “I have a trip planned to London and Paris.”
Martsolf: “The Amalfi Coast. Italy. That’s where Lisa wants to go, and I’ve never been to Europe.”
Zucker: “Shawn and I will be visiting several states this year for a few speaking tours. I hope to add Costa Rica to our list.”

My dream storyline for 2023 is:
Lowder: “A potential new love interest for Rex; a second chance for him in a relationship.”
Martsolf: “For Brady not to be dumped and to get a place of his own.”
Zucker: “To reach for something really grounded, something that can deepen relationships and complexity between characters. Something that people could really relate to and understand.”

I would love it if in 2023, my character got to:
Lowder: “Stick around Salem for a while.”
Martsolf: “Have a relationship with a woman that lasted longer than eight episodes.”
Zucker: “Go on location to anywhere.”

In 2023, I’d love to work more with:
Lowder: “I love the Gwen character. We had some scenes together earlier this year. I’d love the chance to work with Emily [O’Brien] more. I’d also love to work with Ari [Zucker] more. She and I used to have wonderful story together, when I played a different character. We talk about it all the time.”
Martsolf: “Abigail Klein [Stephanie]. She’s a terrific actress and an absolute sweetheart. I enjoy working with nice people.”
Zucker: “Stacy Haiduk [Kristen].”

My hope for the fans in 2023 is:
Lowder: “That they continue to enjoy the entertainment that is DAYS OF OUR LIVES on Peacock. We’re thankful for the fans that have joined us there, and I’d love to see that number grow.”
Martsolf: “To be incredibly thankful that we moved to Peacock and realize the advantages of it.”
Zucker: “That you find a continued deep connection to the characters on our show. I always say without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. I hope you continue to feel that as you watch our show.”