DAYS Alum Staci Greason (ex-Isabella) Releases Novel

Staci Greason, who played DAYS’s Isabella from 1989-92, and made subsequent appearances as a ghost, has released a novel, All The Girls In Town, available now. The book, says Greason, “is about three smart, sexy women who are slightly messed up and join forces to wreak vengeance on the rock star who hurt them all. It’s a love letter to women. We are fascinating, interesting and different, and I started writing about this woman named Dani, and then suddenly, she’s writing a blog where she’s murdering her ex-husband Peter and she’s loving it. And then I start thinking, ‘Who’s reading the blog?’, and that’s where the other characters, Red and Sasha, came from. Red is Peter’s on-again, off-again lover and Sasha is his current wife and backup singer that he left Dani for. So I started writing about all these women and the effect of dating a bad guy — smart women who have not made a great choice. I have made poor choices in love, and women I love who are smart and fantastic make these interesting, unhealthy choices. So I was exploring that and then I just knew that it was exactly where I wanted to go. I wanted to have these women go after this guy, go after Peter, and get equality and justice. So often, we don’t get in the real world.”  With the novel’s release today, Greason says she is trying not to battle nerves. “I always had stage fright, even when I was an actress,” she admits. “But once you release it in the world, it’s the reader’s book; it’s not your book anymore. I hope that readers have a really great experience with the book. I want them to be encouraged and I want to remind women how amazing they are. After I signed my book deal a couple of years ago, I got really nervous. That typical, ‘I’m not a writer, it’s going to stink. Nobody’s going to like it,’ and I moved through that. I had anxiety on and off, and it’s very vulnerable to put something like this out there. I’m excited to see how it does. I promised myself I won’t read the reviews, so I probably won’t read the reviews because if you believe the good ones then you have to believe the bad ones. Certainly when I was an actress, I got all sorts of mean and terrible comments as well as loving comments.” As for whether or not she regrets leaving the soap to pursue a writing career, Greason shares, “I feel good today, but there was a very long time when I did not feel good. It was very challenging to have been so successful so young. It’s like touching the sun. And then I left and I had that memory of what that felt like, to make a living doing what I love with people I love, and I really beat myself up for a long time when the writing didn’t happen the way I thought it should happen. And I felt embarrassed to be broke and working hourly jobs. I’ve had every day job, part-time job, personal assistant job you could imagine, just scrambling to pay the rent. I felt bad about that for a long time, even though I was writing the entire time. I don’t feel that bad about that anymore. That was my life and these were the choices that I made. So I feel good about it today. I had very real-life experience with illness and poverty and heartache and hopefully, these all made me a better writer, a better artist, but also a better person. I’m living proof that as we say in Buddhism. “Winter always turns to spring.” I did not give up. My 40s were the hardest decade of life, but I’m here and my 50s were unbelievable. So I really feel like, if anything, the most important thing is that I learned to stop expecting it to look like a specific picture and just really live your freaking life. When I was 28 and John Aniston [Victor, DAYS] was like, “Don’t leave. Buy a house, build a guest house in the back to pay your rent during the lean years. What are you doing with your money?” And I was like, “I have a savings account and I’m going to be a writer.” And John was just like, “Oh, my God.” I was all New Agey, like, “I’m going to leap and the net will find me.” Well, there was no net. I fell flat on my face and what I realized is that you are the net, you build the net, that’s it. So I built a good solid net. And here I am.”

All The Girls In Town is available now at online retailers and bookstores.

All the Girls in Town book cover

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