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Day by Day: Darin Brooks

I typically wake up at whatever time my kids wake me up.

I remember my dreams 5% of the time.

I make the bed 90% of the time.

I wake up in a good mood 90% of the time.

The part of my morning routine I never skip is my coffee.

My typical breakfast consists of avocado toast, fruit and some sort of eggs.

The first thing I drink in the morning is coffee!

The first thing I look at on my phone is my crypto and my stocks.

It usually takes me five minutes to get ready.

If I’m feeling productive I usually do some writing in the morning.

If I’m feeling lazy I usually play my Call Of Duty in the morning. There’s nothing like waking up and shooting some guns.

For lunch, I typically eat… It depends on the kids and it depends on the day. If we have leftovers from the night before, we’ll have leftovers.

On a typical afternoon, you can find me lately, watching the stock market.

My favorite place to chill at home is my office. It’s my man cave.

I make dinner at home 75% of the time.

Last night for dinner I had chicken stew we put over rice. We had a smorgasbord of things last night.

If I go out at night, it’s usually to Whole Foods because we forgot something.

The show I’ve been watching lately is HOUSE OF THE DRAGON and REBOOT on Hulu. Paul Reiser, man. I’ve missed him. He is so funny.

The part of my evening routine I never skip is dinner.

The last thing I look at on my phone is my stocks and my crypto.

My typical bedtime is 11 p.m.

If I’m having trouble sleeping, I wake [wife] Kelly [Kruger, ex-Eva, B&B et al] up and tell her I can’t sleep.

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