Catching Up With Anders Hove

Villains come and go on GENERAL HOSPITAL, but rarely has one been as chilling as the fiendish Cesar Faison. Back in 1990 Anders Hove debuted as the mesmerizing DVX honcho who persuaded Anna Devane to betray her WSB partner and lover Robert Scorpio. After a two-year stint, Hove took Faison to ABC’s LOVING in the summer of 1993. He returning to GH in 1999 to torment an array of other Port Charles citizens. Since then, Hove has been residing in Denmark with his wife, Ann, and their teenage sons, Anders and Elliot. Soap Opera Weekly recently caught up with the actor for the latest on his life and career.

Soap Opera Weekly: What have you been doing for the past few years?
Anders Hove: Developing, deepening, and diving further into portraying evil villains (laughs). I still work in theatre, film, television and radio. I just did the Tennessee Williams play Not About Nightingales, playing a warden. I have two films coming out in October: Helle Joof’s Fidibus and Eric Clausen’s Guided Departure. I’ve done a lot of guest appearances on Danish TV series, too — HOTEL, WISHING FOR YOU, THE CHOSEN, WHITE LIES…. I do radio plays about once a year, too. They are a big thing in Denmark. The last one I did was Emil Hansen’s Nose Job. I also just finished writing the words and music for a CD, Don’t Touch My Soul. And, whenever I can, I help out at the National Film School. I’m co-leading the European Film High School’s intensive summer course for actors and film directors, passing on what knowledge I can. It’s located in Ebletofte, which is the western part of Denmark.

Weekly: You were cast on GENERAL HOSPITAL a year before Gloria Monty returned as executive producer. What was it like working under such a legend?
Hove: I only worked under Gloria for a short time, but she was a true boss if ever there was one. I was sorry to hear about [her passing away], but what a life she had. I had a lot of respect for her.

Weekly: What do you recall about your last stint on GH?
Hove: Faison gave Luke a hard time. Along with Helena, Faison kidnapped Luke’s son, Lucky, and he almost got away with it. Luke and Faison had this strange kind of love/hate relationship. I felt there was an unspoken respect between them. Luke even let Faison get away in a boat…and disappear into the mist.

Weekly: Was your second time around on GH as enjoyable as your first stint?
Hove: The sad thing about the last time I was on the show was that I was so sick with cluster headaches for eight months. I was on medicine all the time. And in the middle of it all my father died. So there was a lot of flying back and forth to Denmark. I never really got to settle in.

Weekly: A few actors from your heyday on GH — namely, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Tristan Rogers (Robert) — are back on the show. Does it pique your interest about, perhaps, returning to Port Charles?
Hove: It’s interesting to hear what’s going on at GH. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind joining that crowd. I would never turn down doing GH. It was a very lucky ticket for me to see and experience not only Los Angeles, but also the United States. I made a lot of good friends, people I still see. My good friend, director Ted Nicolaou, was here in Copenhagen recently, doing a movie about Hans Christian Andersen. We had a great time seeing each other.

Weekly: Was Faison an enjoyable character to portray?
Hove: Yes. I always loved playing Faison. He was a loner and he sure did a lot of bad things, but I always felt that nobody really understood him. He never really got to have his say.

Weekly: Maybe he could come back and have his say, now?
Hove: It would be fun to give Anna and Robert a little resistance, remind them of their past, and have a final showdown. If anybody should team up and make a little stir, it should be Faison and Jane Elliot’s character, Tracy. She could compete with Faison, when it comes to meanness. There’s still some good material left — the relationships between Anna, Robert and Luke contra Faison. What is it that made Luke hate Faison so much even before he kidnapped his son? What would Robin say? Does she know her mother’s past as a double agent? What is the true story behind Anna and Faison loving each other? Does Robert know about that?

Weekly: Do you keep in touch with anyone you worked with on GH?
Hove: Tony Geary (Luke), who lives part of the time in Amsterdam, visited us in Copenhagen a few years ago. It was great to see him; wonderful to have him in town. We shared a couple of beautiful summer evenings together, enjoying great food and having long talks with family and a few friends. It was special, very relaxed. Tony is a great guy.

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