B&B's Rena Sofer offers insight into her alter ego

When Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] first approached you in 2013, what drew you to the character? “I didn’t take the role because it sounded interesting. There was really no character there. Do you know what I mean? It was one of those situations where it was like, ‘We need somebody to come on and play Wyatt’s mother. She’s a jewelry designer. She’s a single mom.’ There was nothing else to her but Brad was so great and was like, ‘We’ll figure it out,’ so I said, ‘Yes, absolutely!’ ”

What do you like most about Quinn? “I think what I like most is that she was a creation of mine as opposed to, you know, a creation of somebody else’s — and that allowed me to be creative. I was really able to be creative with who I wanted her to be and the kind of character I wanted to play.”

What don’t you like about her? “I’ve said this to you before but I never wanted to see Quinn as a gold digger. In the beginning, I was really afraid that was the direction they were going to go in and I was very happy the writers didn’t go in that direction. That was very important to me.”

What do you consider your character’s greatest strength and her greatest weakness? “I actually believe they are the same thing: the love of people that she cares about. That is her greatest strength, but it is also her greatest weakness. It’s what gets her into the most trouble because all she is trying to do is protect the people she loves and somehow, she ends up destroying her life — but it really is out of love. That keeps her off-balance, but it is also what keeps her going. It’s who she is, and I really like that.”

What family member is your character closest to? “Well, that’s kind of a no-brainer. It is definitely her son, Wyatt. For most of his life, it was the two of them against the world.”

What do you consider to be Quinn’s signature storyline? “I think her signature storyline was trying to ruin Liam’s connection with Steffy and Hope in order to save them for her son. That would be a signature of why everyone hated Quinn from the get-go.”

What life event would you say most affected your character? “The life event that affected Quinn the most was clearly the abusive mother she had as a child, and then the second life event that most affected my character was getting pregnant at 17.”

If Quinn could go back in time and change one decision she made, what would it be? “I would say when Hope was pregnant [with Wyatt’s child] and then after an argument with Quinn, she fell and lost the baby. Quinn truly wishes she’d just left when she was asked and would have just left Hope alone, and I truly believe that still haunts her.”

What’s the most memorable storyline you’ve gotten to play and why? “The Adam and Eve story [in 2016, when Quinn kidnapped an amnesiac Liam and they fell in love] was certainly the most unique story I’ve gotten to play out. It was definitely one of my favorites. One of my other favorites was Quinn and Eric’s wedding when no one showed up. Actually, it was their whole love affair, from getting together but then having to hide it all and then coming out with it and everyone holding it against them. Then they got married and the family tried to keep her out of the house and all of that. I wish we’d played more of that because it was so interesting. Those were my two favorite stories, for sure.”

Who do you believe is the love of Quinn’s life? “Well, there’s no doubt she loves Eric very much, but I don’t know if I’d say that he’s the love of her life, not since ‘Quarter’. As we’ve seen, those feelings between Quinn and Carter are still there — for sure! So, I wouldn’t call Eric the love of her life, but he’s definitely one. And Carter is definitely not a passing fancy for her, at all; I’m just not sure at this moment in time who that is.”

How do you imagine your character spends her downtime? “Not playing pickleball, that’s for sure.”

Does Quinn miss being her own boss and running her own company or is she happy with her position at Forrester? “Since joining Forrester Creations, her designs have had way more exposure and are making more than she ever thought possible. It’s so successful. Most of the people there would have loved to have gotten rid of Quinn when she was cheating on Eric but thankfully, her jewelry line is so successful that it was impossible to let her go. I believe she works for Forrester but she owns the designs she makes for them. She is an employee of Forrester but she is not owned by Forrester.”

Who is your character’s worst enemy and why? “Oh, my character’s worst enemy is Brooke. Brooke hates Quinn because Quinn calls out Brooke on all the stuff she does, and I don’t think Brooke likes that very much [laughs]. She’s not that thrilled with any of the Logan women, or Paris for that matter, and Donna has never been her favorite person either, especially now, but Brooke is definitely her worst enemy.”

Do you have any thoughts about what might have happened in Las Vegas to make Quinn and Wyatt leave so abruptly? Would you like that to be a future story? “Yes, I’d love to see that as a future story! I tried to pitch it as a story while Quinn and Shauna were on the canvas together, you know, having whoever it was that they were running away from come back. Maybe they were following Quinn and Shauna? Or maybe Quinn and Wyatt? Did Quinn try and pull something jewelry-wise, maybe trying to sell a counterfeit gem — or even maybe it was something that happened regarding the previous owner of the Hope For The Future diamond [which Wyatt inherited when its owner, Ricardo Montemayor, died under mysterious circumstances in 2014]. Could she have killed him with some sort of chemical on the stone and could she possibly get caught for it, and she had to again run for her life? There are so many possibilities if they were ever to go there. I don’t know if we’ll ever see that come about, but it’s always there.”

With the arrival of Shauna in 2019, Quinn finally had a friend. Would you like to see more of that relationship? “I would absolutely love that. I loved that we got to see some of Quinn’s backstory and the fact that she is actually capable of having a friend. I don’t know if we’ll see more of that, but it would be great if we did. Quinn could definitely use a friend these days. I love having Denise [Richards, Shauna] on the show. I love her as a person but I also love that the writers did what they did because it’s really not normal for a character to not have any friends — even one! It would be so nice if we could continue to see Quinn having this friendship that was started so many years ago. It was lovely to play out but then lately, it just went away. I’d really enjoy it if it were to come back.”

Is there anything you’d like to see change about Quinn? “No. I like her. Yes, she does some stuff and she makes mistakes, but I like that. Don’t we all make mistakes? There’s nothing I would change about her.”

What has been the best thing about playing Quinn over the past nine years? “She has really become a full-fledged human being, and I’m very proud to play her as I get to do. First of all, I can’t believe it’s been nine years. But I think the best thing I’ve loved about being a part of this show is being a part of the legacy of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. That is something I’ve been really proud of. I love the fact I was given the gift of playing a character that I helped create. Obviously, with Brad, of course. It wasn’t just me, but that fact it has gone on this long is so exciting.”

Me Vs. Her

Who has a better house — you or your character? “Me. I like the Forrester mansion but I am much more comfortable in my home, which I absolutely love.”

Who has a bigger interest in jewelry — you or your character? “Quinn. I had no interest in jewelry before this.”

Who dresses better — you or your character? “Back when I was dressing before the pandemic, I would say me. But, my New Year’s resolution this year was that I was not spending any money on clothes and so I will just wear what I already have. Now, I’ve been doing ceramics all the time so I’m just wearing sweat pants and overalls and I’m covered in stuff. So at this point, I would say it’s Quinn.”

What three words best describe your character? “Impulsive. Committed. Misunderstood.”