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B&B Vet Karla Mosley Talks New Film

Karla Mosley (ex-Maya, B&B et al) is back in DEADLY CHEER MOM, debuting tonight, March 25, on Tubi. Based on a true story of social media gone wrong, the flick follows Beth, the captain of her high school cheerleading squad, who has it all. But then, videos surface of her drinking, smoking and bashing teammates — videos Beth insists are fake. As her world crumbles, she scrambles to find who’s behind the blackmail. “It’s wild,” notes Karla Mosley, who plays Marisol, one of the cheer moms. “One of the things that drew me into doing the role was it was so fun for me because you know me, I’m giggly and bright and sunny, and to play someone who is so cut-throat and overbearing and inappropriate, it’s just wonderful.” Mosley is proud to be a part of a film that shines a spotlight on ”the deep fake,” as well. “Social media is such a scary world, especially for girls, so I think it’s important that we talk about this and the role parents play in it,” she notes. “There is a competitive ‘compare and despair’ and we have to check ourselves as parents that we are not teaching our kids to have that nastiness online. We need to develop a moral code and a moral compass online.” Though Mosley herself was never a cheerleader, “I did audition once for the dance team and it was enough. I decided to stick to the theater.” But she does have a favorite cheer flick. “Bring It On! 100 percent. Is there another cheerleader movie, besides this one?” Mosley adds that she’d be open to her two young daughters, Aurora and Willa, taking an interest in the sport. “Cheerleading is wonderful and I think with anything they decide to do, the most important thing is to give them a sense of self and from there, they can make their own decisions,” she explains. “They can listen to their gut and recognize the mean girls.” 

Check out the trailer of DEADLY CHEER MOM here