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ATWT Recaps Week of Sept. 26, 2005

Friday, September 30, 2005
In what seemed like a really inopportune moment, Lily and Holden had a somewhat extended “we’ll always be part of each other” love scene. Afterwards, Holden confessed that he wasn’t giving up on Lily, but she (for once) changed the focus of their conversation from herself to their still-missing-in-Mexico son, Luke. They went out to look for him some more, but in this case they actually should have sat around doing nothing, because as soon as they were gone, Luke basically dropped from the sky and through their window. He was collapsed on the floor when Blanca, who we’ve just realized is dressed like a pirate, arrived with her henchman. Lily and Holden came back just then and just as they were reuniting with Luke, Blanca told they weren’t going anywhere. So all of their lives were in danger. Again. All we could think was thank God Luke waited until after his parents had sex to tumble in.

Carly stopped by the station to drop off some photos for her G-man, but he really wasn’t in the mood to chat. She offered to turn herself in to end his silent treatment, but Hal interrupted their pending argument with questions about Iris. Jack quickly sent Carly home while he dealt with Hal, who wanted to know why Jack didn’t tell him that he knew Iris. Jack “confessed” about Iris’s involvement with Ray and added that she had been “bugging” Carly by latching on to Gwen to make trouble. Jack got Hal to cut Iris loose, promising to talk to her on his own time — but Hal knows he didn’t get the full story.

At the same time, Gwen strolled in to see her mother down in the holding cell and demanded to know why she hasn’t fixed anything, but Iris promised to take bring Carly down today, as long as Gwen let her talk to her lawyer. That’s when Cass thrilled us by arriving and instantly unloading some of his dry humor on Iris. “She’s a baby killer,” announced Iris, prompting Cass to burst out laughing. We love you, Cass. He nearly left when she admitted that she blackmailed Carly, but she grabbed his tie to keep him there, and after some quasi-flirtation in which he tried to pretend he wasn’t excited about whatever it is that Iris has to help him win the case, she came out with the full “story” about that thing that happened that time with Carly and the beautiful boy. But she insisted that Gwen couldn’t know because it would upset her to know that she shared a dead, older half-brother with Carly. Yeah, Cass didn’t buy it either. “Iris, that’s the biggest load I’ve heard all day,” he said. Why can’t Cass always be on? He did eventually believe that she truly wanted to help Gwen, and agreed to use the info against Carly.

Gwen ran into Carly at Java and coldly warned her that Iris has her back. Carly tried to taunt Gwen for getting involved with a charlatan, which nearly caused Gwen to blurt that Iris was her mother. “Why am I wasting my time trying to warn you? I do have those children to take care of,” Carly snarked. “Pretty soon you’ll have one less,” Gwen shouted after her. That comment, plus the implication that Iris has told Gwen the babykilling stuff, made Carly nervous enough to call Jack right outside. “If I know what?” Gwen asked from behind her, almost before Carly said, “If Gwen knows, then it’s all over.”

Meg was looking through the babies’ files and Nurse Thompson’s employment folder while talking to herself about them in the middle of a busy hospital hallway. After realizing that the nurse quit on the same night the babies were born, she turned to walk away and ran right into Paul, causing the files to drop. He wasn’t pleased to see that she was poking around his “dead” nephew’s records, but her excuse was her reassignment to the neo-natal ward. Paul noted that someone slipped Dusty the records proving Rory wasn’t Jen’s baby, thus doing them “a really big favor” (hint hint). But he implied that any further investigation into the charts would be “very damaging to Jennifer’s recovery.” He was so suspicious that he went to instantly visit Jennifer, to make sure that she had given up her investigation. Susan walked in just in time to see her daughter disappear with Paul. Meg walked up and after a quick chat about how Paul has “changed,” she asked Susan about a special code on the DNA test in Rory’s file. “That is used to document a test that nobody is supposed to know about,” said Susan, who then laid out the entire confidential case regarding Gwen’s accusations against Casey to Meg (even though she did mention that it was “off the record”). “Why would she do that when she isn’t sure that’s true?” asked Meg. “Who knows what goes through people’s heads?” responded Susan. That’s a nice exchange coming from two women who have gotten pregnant (or pretended to) to keep their men. Meg then called her friend Eli, a genetics expert. At the Lakeview, she met with the slightly creepy, slightly snooty, slightly flirty scientist, who condescendingly prompted her to figure out what the test meant on her own, even though he clearly knew exactly what the results showed, like those people who insist that you read the manual instead of just telling you how to work your new electronics gadget. Suffice it to say, Casey’s not the father, but something about the test results tell him a lot about who the father could be. He finally came out with it: the guy who was tested and the real father are blood relatives.

At Deerbrook, Jennifer praised Dusty as her hero, but he very humbly urged her to wait until they prove the baby is alive before she starts “handing out medals.” They realized that Craig clearly must be responsible for the baby switch and began plotting his eventual (further) downfall, which seems kind of redundant, since he’s already locked in the slammer. Jen convinced Dusty that she should be there when he grills Nurse Thompson because the woman won’t be able to resist telling them the truth if the baby’s grieving mother is right in her face. He agreed, so they worked on how she could lie to her family and doctors so they would consent to let her out of the institution; they both knew that Paul would be the toughest sell. When her brother and Emily arrived, Jen and Dusty did a little nifty improv before she launched into a tearful monologue about how she knows her baby is “not alive” — convincing Paul that she’s ready to go home. And they say models don’t make good actors.

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