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ATWT Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
At Fashions, Celia wanted to get a dress like J. Lo’s for the prom, but it was too pricey, so they had to head to the sales rack. As they shopped, Gwen explained her bad mood on the fact that Casey thinks she’s trash because she lives in the room at Burt’s Garage. Hey, that little room has been home to so many! (Though maybe she can’t afford a better place because she’s apparently paying to go to Oakdale Latin.) Celia tried to reassure her that Casey isn’t the type to judge — after all, she was a poor little Montegan with a cook for a mother before she became the luckiest girl in the world. Celia also said that she and Rafi would be moving out of the Walsh Estate and into a small apartment as soon as he saved up enough money. (And he must be working hard, because it’s been ages since we’ve seen him.) Lisa was so delighted to see the beautiful prom shoppers that “I just would like to put you in the window and display you as the ‘oomph’ people.” Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up. Then the school’s mean girls — never ones to pass up a chance to take advantage of Celia’s naivete — tried to convince her to buy a hilariously awful marked-down dress. Gwen set her straight, before presumably heading back to the Garage. Casey was posing, er, thinking on the roof when Will showed up. Casey needed someone to talk to, dude. It was a rough time when his parents split up, so he’d go out and hook up with girls sometimes. Since Casey was obviously pretty enigmatic (to put it gently, dude), Will wasn’t really clear on what this had to do with Celia, but Casey had to go get some stuff done and asked Will to pick up Celia for yet another prom comittee meeting, dude. Will showed up at Fashions in time to spot Celia trying on the J. Lo dress, which he overheard her say she couldn’t afford. Lisa was hilariously startled to find Will standing behind her when she turned around. Those Ryans still give everyone the heebie-jeebies! At Metro later, Celia got a box with the J. Lo dress and assumed that Casey bought it for her. He didn’t, dude.

Alison, who’s the only one left to run Metro, opened up early for an extra-tan Henry, there to pick up a client, who turned out to be Katie. Henry gave her what would be the first of many rejections on this day — even a passionate kiss didn’t work on him. But Mrs. Coleman isn’t one to give up so easily, so she schemed with Alison to win Henry back by tricking him into thinking that Ivy (his date from yesterday) wanted to meet him. “I don’t know Katie — that sounds like something I would do,” fretted Ali, before agreeing to help. But you can’t con a con, and Henry knew instantly that this plot had Katie written all over it.

Carly and Jack went to the farm to find Holden still brooding like a teenager, and announced the good news about J.J. living with them. He snapped that he knows all about Keith’s decision to stay in town and it has nothing to do with J.J. Hmmm, someone doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine. Jack had a heart-to-heart with his cousin about how Lily’s now sleeping with Keith, and Holden admitted he still loves his wife. Though Jack urged him to tell Lily how he feels and not worry about whether Keith’s status with Lily will affect what happens with J.J. Holden concluded that his marriage was over and then sent Jack away, because it almost looked like he wanted to cry. Instead, he signed the divorce papers.

Lily, looking a lot like Rose, got some surprise good morning shoulder kisses from Keith. She wanted him to cool it because the “plumber, the vet, the guy from the pharmacy” could walk in on them. She should have added “meddling mother” because it was Lucinda who showed up. After some more snarking about Keith possibly being a murderer, Lucinda got herself booted with this line: “… he can make you happy for a couple of hours…” — “oh my God,” interrupted Lily, before kicking her out. After Keith left to cash her check so they could start with a clean slate, she got a visit from Carly, who gently brought up that perhaps Keith had something to do with Julia’s death. Lily pointed out all the reasons why that theory doesn’t really hold water.

Keith visited Julia’s grave to basically say “Sorry you’re dead, but my life is just beginning” — but maybe he spoke too soon, because Lily found the bee pollen back at the cottage.

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