Debbi Oprah

On Saturday, October 3, Debbi Morgan, beloved to AMC fans as Angie, sits down with Oprah Winfrey on her OWN series OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Morgan opens up about the domestic abuse that has plagued her family for generations and how she broke the cycle of violence.  “When I was a little girl, the first love of my life was this little boy named Butch, who I just adored,” she tells Oprah. "One day my father walked me to nursery school — it’s the first time he ever had — and I hear somebody saying, ‘Debbi, Debbi,’ and I’m like, ‘Daddy, Daddy, here comes Butch!’ It’s like in a movie in slow motion. I’m running towards Butch, and he’s running towards me, he gets up to me and he goes pow and punches me in the stomach and knocks the wind out of me. And after I kind of get my breath, I go chasing after him ‘Butch, Butch, wait for me!’ So, even though he had hit me, I looked at him as my protector. And anybody that I thought was going to be my protector and keep me safe, that’s what I was drawn to. Ultimately, I would find out that they were the person that I needed to be protected from.” The program airs on 10 p.m. ET/PT. For a sneak peek, click: here.