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AMC Alum Aiden Turner's New Venture

Aiden Turner JPI

Aiden Turner (ex-Aidan, AMC) is one of the driving forces behind Ty, a device designed to keep track of frequently lost items. Says Turner, "All my life, I have been told, 'You'd leave your head if it wasn't screwed on,' mostly by my mom. Six years ago, I finally had enough of losing my things. I thought, 'If only we could tie a piece of string to the things we carry around with us that we don't want to lose — wallet, keys, umbrella, purse, etc. I joined up with some friends and worked really hard researching and developing a disc that we could attach to our things and connects to our phones via bluetooth. We created an app for the iPhone and Android phones and a clever disc that we called Ty. The idea is that we could Ty our belongings to our phone invisibly so that in case we leave them behind, we would be reminded within minutes that we have left them. The Ty disc battery lasts up to six months and is rechargeable and it comes with a free App and an accessory." Intrigued? "We are pre-selling Ty on and have 50 days to sell 10,000, as that is our minimum order requirement by the factory in China," he reports. To check out the project and get a Ty for yourself, click here.

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