Fall Getaway Weekend Events

Marriott Courtyard Lake Buena Vista Marriott Village
8623 Vineland Ave.
Orlando, FL 32821

Saturday, November 3 9 a.m.-noon:
Catch up with Greg Vaughan as he kicks off the weekend. Tickets are $75.

Brandon Barash hosts his "Fun In The Afternoon" event. Tickets are $75.

Bradford Anderson closes off the evening discussing The Jackal and his new baby girl! Tickets are $75.

Sunday, November 4 9 a.m.-noon:
Lindsey Morgan (Kristina), Haley Pullos (Molly) and Erik Valdez (Trey). Tickets are $100.

Finish up this awesome weekend with Kelly Sullivan and Jen Lilley. Tickets are $100. 


To purchase tickets, please send two self-addressed, stamped envelopes along with your money order made payable to Debby O'Connor, to: Debby O'Connor, P.O. Box 16212, Irvine, CA 92623. 

You may also purchase by going to the website at www.yournumberonefan.com.An additional $5.00 per ticket will be added for use of PayPal. Write to debbyoconnor@aol.com or fax to (949) 552-3365 with questions. Be sure to include the name(s) of all of your guests with your purchasing information to ensure you are seated together. All tickets are non refundable.