On the Road Again

GH's Scott Reeves (Steve) previews Port Chuck's second tour.

Soap Opera Digest: Thanks for checking in, Scott. Ready to head back out on the road with the boys of Port Chuck?
Scott Reeves: You bet. We're all doing well and just gearing up for the tour. We're really excited.

Digest: What's up with the Port Chuck CD?
Reeves: The CD debuts on April 15th, which is the day of our very first show. We're really pumped.

Digest: Congrats! So, what's something you think you'll do differently on the road this time as opposed to the last go round?
Reeves: I learned quite a bit about what to do and what not to do a few years before we did this, [during his touring days in the country western band, Blue County] and I tried my best to pass that on. The guys did a really great job of sticking to the advice that I gave, all of them, while we were on the road. So, I truly can't think of anything we'd do differently — other than just having more fun [laughs]. Everything went as smoothly as it could have possibly gone, so all I can hope for is that this tour goes as well as the last one did.

Digest: What would you like to say to the fans?
Reeves: After the first tour, people were going, "Okay, I think there's something to this," and it was successful. This time around, we're really going for it — to the maximum!

Digest: Scott, did you ever think this time last year that we'd be talking about your second Port Chuck tour?
Reeves: [laughs] No, not even remotely close. I thought if we pulled the first tour off and had a little bit of fun, that would be great. We never thought we'd be finishing a record and on our way to a nearly sold out second tour. We're just blown away. The fans are amazing. They're the most incredibly awesome, loyal fans. We can't wait to get out there and do this for them.

For more on the Port Chuck tour schedule and their debut CD, check out www.portchuck.com.