Exclusive: First Look At Joshua Benard’s GH Comeback

Joshua Benard, son of GH’s Maurice Benard (Sonny), who played a young version of his father’s character back in 2018, is appearing on the show on March 16 as Adam, a snarky classmate of Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy). “I really liked the character,” he enthuses. “I like characters that have a lot going on underneath them, characters that are intricate.” Working with McCoy was also a delight. “Eden’s great! Everyone was saying that we had great chemistry on-screen, and I think we do. I think she’s a great actress and it was cool working with her because it was free-flowing. With Eden, it was just easy. I just met her on set and we did it, no rehearsal, no nothing. It was very fun, very quick, and you have to get it [right]. You have to be on your toes; there’s no messing around!” Benard’s dad, a three-time Daytime Emmy-winner, was not coaching him on the day of taping, he says. “My dad was on set, but he was doing another scene. He doesn’t usually give me advice with acting. Sometimes I say, ‘Just tell me something! Tell me whatever!’ and he’s like, ‘No, if I don’t need to, that means you’re doing good.’ That day, he didn’t give me anything, but the first time I was on, I was like, ‘Oh, shoot, how do I hold a gun?’ It was a big day, there were a lot of people there, and I was a bit nervous. But this day was just super-chill and fun. I wasn’t really nervous at all. My dad was on set, but he was doing another scene.” For the young actor, it was a happy homecoming of sorts. “Growing up, I used to be at the studio all the time, especially when I was little. That’s where I grew up! I would go in with my dad and I’d get to hang out on set. But because of Covid, I haven’t been there. And the last time I was on the show, I was 13 years old — I was a baby! I’m 17 now.” How much more mature he looks and sound was a hot topic backstage. “A lot of people were like, ‘That was you?’ I really did look like a baby then!”  Benard’s greatest GH wish remains unfulfilled, however. “I really hope, one day, to get to do a scene with my dad on the show,” he says. “That’s the goal. So, my final word is, get me back on the show!”