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Y&R's Steve Burton Teams Up With GH Alum Jackson

Burton Jackson 2013

The move to Nashville certainly agrees with Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R), who wrote a song with his neighbor, Jonathan Jackson (Avery, NASHVILLE, ex-Lucky, GH), which airs on the September 23 episode of Y&R and is available now on iTunes. "I've always written lyrics and poetry and stuff, and when I got involved with Port Chuck, music came to the forefront," says Burton. "I always had this idea for a song called 'You Killed Romeo.' Then I started going through this story at work and it inspired me to sit down and write lyrics again. I don't have any musical background. I can't put melodies together or compose music, but my family and Jonathan's family have been hanging out since he lives here, and I asked Jonathan, 'I have these lyrics. Do you think you can take a look at them and maybe see if you could write some music for them?' And he said, 'Yeah. I've never done that before. I've never taken someone else's words and composed music and made it a song.' I emailed him the lyrics and within a week-and-a-half, he's like, 'I've got something rough. Why don't you take a listen.' So, I'm at his house, he played it on the piano and I'm like, 'Dude, this is unbelievable. You are amazing!' That guy is so talented. We decided to record it. He's the lead vocals and I'm doing the backup [vocals] for him. I suggested it to YOUNG AND RESTLESS, because there are a few stories the lyrics hit on, and they decided to use it." To download the song, click here.