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Y&R’s Elizabeth Hendrickson: Baby On The Way!

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R) revealed on social media that she in light of the current Coronavirus epidemic, she has checked in to the hospital to have her labor induced (she is safely past her due date with her first child, a daughter). ” We felt it was safest to get her here safely before [husband] Rob wasn’t allowed in the delivery room like they’re doing in San Fran and NY,” she posted. “20 mins before we walked in the door the hospital the midwives were notified that after delivery only the mother is allowed with the baby postpartum. Rob has to leave. We are heartbroken but we also feel like I’m in incredible hands.” She added, “My heart goes out to all of the mamas that are faced with being separated from their partners during delivery right now. I really can’t imagine doing this alone. I brought my ukulele to keep myself busy, music is playing, my lavender diffuser is brewing and I’m just keeping my eye on the prize. A gorgeous baby girl to be in our arms as safely and quickly as possible.”

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