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Y&R Summer

Summer Camp: Loved It, Loathed It Or Skipped It? 

Lanier: “I went to sleepaway drama camp two years in a row and loved it!”

Mealor: “Skipped it. I never liked to have to be told where to be and when as a kid, so summer camp and I didn’t get along. I was more of a ‘go out in the woods and be back by dark’ kind of kid.”

Sarpy: “Loved it, although I was painfully shy and played with the counselors more than kids my age.”

Lake, Ocean Or Pool?

Lanier: “All three! I love the water, but the ocean is my favorite.”

Mealor: “Ocean. Can’t beat the sound of the waves.”

Sarpy: “Ocean … no energy like it.”

Sunscreen: Forgetful Or Fanatical?

Lanier: “Always on my face. Forgetful on the rest, unfortunately.”

Mealor: “Fanatical. I’ll give up the tan to make sure I don’t get burned.”

Sarpy: “The older I get, the less forgetful I am about it.”

Favorite Summer Drink:

Lanier: “Campari and soda.”

Mealor: “Nothing like a cold beer in the hot sun.”

Sarpy: “An iced matcha latte with oat milk.”

Favorite Food To Toss On The Grill:

Lanier: “A whole fish or eggplant.”

Mealor: “Burgers. After a day in the sun and out on the water, is there anything else?”

Sarpy: “Impossible Burgers.”

Favorite Fruit:

Lanier: “A good mango, hands down.”

Mealor: “Watermelon. If it’s summertime and you choose anything but watermelon as your go-to fruit, I don’t trust you.”

Sarpy: “Mango, banana and watermelon.”

Favorite Frozen Treat:

Lanier: “Salted caramel ice cream.”

Mealor: “Anything that comes from the ice cream truck: Bomb Pops, Push Pops, Ninja Turtles [Face Bars] with gumball eyes, you name it.”

Sarpy: “Ice cream, for sure!”

Favorite Summer Sport:

Lanier: “Bike rides through Brooklyn, does that count?”

Mealor: “Is throwing a football on the beach considered a sport?”

Sarpy: “Hiking … if that’s a sport.”

Favorite Beach Activity:

Lanier: “Nothing! I’m there to relax and just be. Of course there will be swimming and reading if I have a good book.”

Mealor: “Throwing a football on the beach.”

Sarpy: “I journal and set my intentions at the beach, usually on full moons.”

Road Trip Role: Driver Or Passenger?

Lanier: “Driver. I’m a horrible backseat driver!”

Mealor: “Driver. I’ll be bored to tears if I don’t drive.”

Sarpy: “Driver. I get carsick pretty easily.”

4th Of July Fave: Picnic, Parade Or Fireworks?

Lanier: “Picnic with fireworks in the distance, perhaps? I don’t need to be in the middle of the action.”

Mealor: “After a 4th of July in the sun, fireworks end it right.”

Sarpy: “Watching fireworks from home.”

Summer Wardrobe Staple:

Lanier: “Oversized, button-down white tank, linen trousers, comfortable sandals.”

Mealor: “Sunglasses.”

Sarpy: “My Crocs Pollex are becoming a staple.”

Dream Summer Vacation Destination: 

Lanier: “I really want to do a European road trip. Specifically Italy, South of France and Portugal. There’s so much I haven’t seen over there.”

Mealor: “Australia, but then that would be a dream winter destination, wouldn’t it?”

Sarpy: “South of France.”