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Y&R stars weigh in on all things holiday

Merry Makers: Sean Dominic (Nate), Conner Floyd (Chance) and Melissa Ordway (Abby)

Favorite Holiday Movie?

Dominic: “Not sure what’s my favorite but Elf is in my top five.”

Floyd: “[National Lampoon’s] Christmas Vacation.

Ordway: “I would have to say Home Alone. I’ve seen it 50 million times and I still can’t stop laughing when I watch it.”

Favorite Christmas Carol?

Dominic: “ ‘O Holy Night’.”

Floyd: “ ‘Carol of the Bells’.”

Ordway: “ ‘All I Want For Christmas’  by Mariah Carey. You can’t be in a bad mood when you hear that song.”

Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Dominic: “Going to my grandma’s and seeing and eating with all of my family members.”

Floyd: “Homemade honey butter chicken biscuits. My sister and I make them!”

Ordway: “My mom would hide a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree. When I would find it, I got a special gift. I do that with my girls now.”

Favorite Reindeer?

Dominic: “Rudolph, of course.”

Floyd: “Blitzen.”

Ordway: “Rudolph, always!”

Mistletoe: Yay Or Nay?

Dominic: “Mistletoe, yay.”

Floyd: “Yay.”

Ordway: “Yay, as long as I’m under it with my husband [Justin Gaston, ex-Chance et al].”

Christmas Morning: Sleep In Or Wake Up Early?

Dominic: “I couldn’t sleep in if I wanted to.”

Floyd: “Extra-early.”

Ordway: “Wake up early. I don’t know who gets more excited about Christmas, me or my girls.”

Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Yay Or Nay?

Dominic: “A big yay!”

Floyd: “As ugly as they come.”

Ordway: “Yes, and I need to buy ones for my entire family. I just sent options to my dad.”

Eggnog: Virgin, Spiked Or Not At All?

Dominic: “Spiked, of course.”

Floyd: “Spiked.”

Ordway: “I don’t like eggnog at all. I’m not a creamy beverage person.”

Top Item On Your Gift Wish List?

Dominic: “Mo’ money, mo’ money mo’ money!”

Floyd: “I love a good hat .”

Ordway: “Airline tickets to see my family.”

Your Tip For A Stress-Free Holiday:

Dominic: “Take note that life is short, so celebrate your family and friends while they are still here.”

Floyd: “Eggnog.”

Ordway: “Find the joy of what Christmas is really about and be in the moment. Oh, and wine.”

Your Holiday Wish For The Fans:

Dominic: “I pray everyone is in good health or working toward bettering their health. And enjoy spending time with your loved ones. If you don’t have too many, spend it helping others in need. And live in love.”

Floyd: “I wish for peace, love and happiness in every household and hope everyone has the happiest of holidays!”

Ordway: “I wish everyone happiness, safety, good health and peace.”