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Y&R Stars Reflect On Their Days As Students

Favorite subject:

Boaz: “History.”

Dominic: “Chorus.”

Morgan: “This may seem obvious, but it was drama. It was the only subject that never felt like work.”

Least favorite subject:

Boaz: “English.”

Dominic: “Math.”

Morgan: “French. I still wish I could speak a second language.”

Favorite extracurricular activity:

Boaz: “Sports.”

Dominic: “Art class.”

Morgan: “School plays! I was lucky that my school did yearly school plays or I would never have done anything extracurricular [laughs].”

Favorite school supply:

Boaz: “Love an untouched, fresh notebook with a multicolored pen.”

Dominic: “A fresh backpack.”

Morgan: “New backpack and a new pencil case.”

Class clown or teacher’s pet?

Boaz: “Definitely class clown.”

Dominic: “Class clown all day.”

Morgan: “I would say neither but my rebel sister would say teacher’s pet, for sure.”

School portrait: Frame it, burn it or post it online?

Boaz: “Burn it.”

Dominic: “I would frame and post online.”

Morgan: “Burn it. I actually destroyed a lot of them in high school. I was a bit of an ugly duckling in elementary school; no one needs to see that.”

Detention: Rarely, regularly or never?

Boaz: “Very regularly.”

Dominic: “I got detention maybe once.”

Morgan: “Never! I guess I really was a teacher’s pet [laughs].”

Study ahead or cram for a test?

Boaz: “Crammed for every test.”

Dominic: “I was a crammer.”

Morgan: “Cram. Luckily, I was born with a pretty good memory.”

Honor roll or just scraped by?

Boaz: “I made As and Bs without putting in too much effort. I wish I had studied and applied myself more.”

Dominic: “I was a weirdo. I would be on high honor roll one year, then not the next year, then the next year on honor roll, then senior year I cruised!”

Morgan: “Honor roll every year because I was really good at cramming.”

Favorite movie about school:

Boaz: “I’d guess most people would say Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Breakfast Club. I’m gonna have to go with Back to the Future if that counts. Marty was in high school, right?”

Dominic:Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Morgan:She’s All That. I’m a sucker for ’90s teen romance.”

Prom night: A bust or a blast?

Boaz: “Blast!”

Dominic: “A blast.”

Morgan: “Blast! We had our after-party in Niagara Falls and made memories all weekend long. I’m still close to most of those girls and I married my prom date!”

Reunion: Attend or skip it?

Boaz: “Attend.”

Dominic: “I skipped the reunion.”

Morgan: “Never had one, but I would’ve definitely attended.”

Where is your diploma now?

Boaz: “In a box in my mama’s closet.”

Dominic: “I have no clue.”

Morgan: “In an envelope somewhere. I’m not good at displaying personal achievements.”

In high school, my dream career was…

Boaz: “I had no direction [laughs]. I wanted to play sports my whole life.”

Dominic: “I’m living my dream career.”

Morgan: “Becoming an actress. I truly never believed it was possible. I guess dreams really do come true!”