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Y&R Preview: Victor's Ultimate Test

Victor arrives at the GCAC for a meeting with his sons that Adam has organized. “This is all Adam’s plan to prove that his dad is incompetent,” begins Mark Grossman (Adam). “Adam has arranged for a psychiatrist, Dr. Skelton, to be sitting nearby so he can observe Victor’s behavior and make a proper diagnosis.”

When the Newman men sit down, Victor continues the ruse of his failing health by praising his sons for working well together at the new company formed by the merging of McCall Unlimited and Kirsten Inc. “Just as Adam is about to remind his dad that the merger never took place, Nick jumps in and reveals that Adam has set a trap for Victor to be diagnosed by a shrink,” Grossman explains. “Adam has no idea that Victor and Nick are working together. Victor gets really angry and demands to know from Adam if it’s true. Of course, Adam is pissed that Nick has exposed his plan, because it makes Adam look really bad.”

Adam claims he hired a professional to help Victor, who feels there are other motives at play and excoriates Adam. “The truth is, Adam’s natural instinct was to take advantage of Victor doing these erratic things,” Grossman notes. “However, seeing his father going through what looks like dementia really started to tug on Adam’s heartstrings, and his scheming turned into genuine concern for Victor. He really does want to help but now it doesn’t look that way.”

Just as Victor is about to storm out, Victoria shows up and also frets about her father’s health. “That’s when Victor orders everybody to come back to his office — now,” previews the actor. “They all meet back at Newman, where Nate and Nikki have also been summoned. Victor then announces that he wants them all to know the truth: There’s a traitor in the room and he has just the test that will prove once and for all who that person is.”