Tune-In Alert!

Y&R February Preview

Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith previews the hot happenings in Genoa City.

Victor/Adam: “Victor will continue to work on his relationship with Adam. He will use the new year as an opportunity to build his empire and bring Adam into the fold. Victor’s efforts to bond with Adam will ignite the infamous sibling rivalry of the Newman kids.”

Victoria/Billy/Lily: “Victoria will struggle with Billy and Lily’s growing relationship. Expect major conflict when Billy decides to introduce Lily to the kids as his new significant other.”

Nick/Sharon/Faith/Nikki: “Nick and Sharon will be challenged as parents when Faith’s behavior takes a turn for the worse. Faith has not fully recovered from the trauma of Sharon’s cancer and being bullied. Faith will be very resistant to help until Nikki steps in to take control. Nikki and Sharon will put their differences aside to help Faith.”

Sharon/Rey/Chelsea/Adam: “Adam and Sharon’s bond will be exposed in a very public way and set the stage for a dangerous turn of events for Chelsea and Rey. Meanwhile, Chloe will see herself getting through to Chelsea and will stop at nothing to protect her friend.”

Abby/Chance/Mariah/Tessa: “As Abby and Chance move forward with their surrogacy plans, Mariah will start to second-guess her agreeing to be their surrogate, fearing the decision may affect her relationship with Tessa.”

Devon/Elena: “Although Devon and Elena made the decision to keep their night together a secret, they will find it will be easier said than done to move on with their new partners and deny their chemistry. If the secret is revealed, it will be a game- changer for all involved.”

Summer/Kyle/Sally/Jack: “Jack’s growing bond with Sally will raise the eyebrows of those around them. Meanwhile, a secret about Kyle and Summer will fall into Sally’s lap, which she may use to her advantage against the couple. Lucky for Summer, she has a formidable resource at her disposal: Phyllis, who is more than happy to take on Sally Spectra.”