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Y&R Alum Producing And Selling Masks

Robert Parucha, who recently visited Y&R as Victor’s brother, Matt, is selling masks as part of his other career in the apparel business. The actor, owner of KICM, has been managing T-shirt production in the apparel industry for over 30 years. With the recent COVID 19 crisis, factories under his management in Fullerton, CA and Ensenada, Mexico, were temporarily ordered to cease operations. Seeing an immediate and urgent need in the marketplace for non-medical grade masks, both locations immediately pivoted to produce protective masks. KICM has already donated 300 masks to Beacon Light Mission in Wilmington, CA and will continue to donate 1 mask for every 10 that are sold through the website. New products are currently in development, with a kids size mask being launched in late May, 2020. Check them out here