Y&R 2021 Preview

YOUNG AND RESTLESS Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith shares what’s to come in Genoa City.

The Newmans: “Victor will step in to help Adam as his world spins out of control thanks to Chelsea’s health crisis. Victor’s support of Adam will cause serious conflict among the Newmans. Complicating matters will be Adam’s bond with Sharon, which won’t sit well with Rey. Nikki will take matters into her own hands to help Faith when she learns of her [granddaughter’s] drinking. This is very personal for Nikki, who will stop at nothing to make sure history does not repeat itself with Faith.”

Phyllis/Nick: “Phyllis will finally get the upper hand against Victoria. However, Phyllis’s plan will only succeed if she can convince Kevin to give her the goods against Victoria. Meanwhile, the rift between Nick and Victoria will grow when Nick calls out Victoria for her behavior toward Phyllis.”

Victoria/Billy: “Victoria will question Billy and Lily’s relationship and how it affects their kids. Victoria will realize it’s not as easy as she thought to move on from Billy.”

Amanda/Devon/Elena/Nate: “Amanda will learn about her past and being given up at birth. However, Amanda will wonder if it was better not knowing when the shocking truth is revealed. Amanda will receive support from Devon, which may shift their already-growing bond. However, Devon will see Elena moving on with Nate and question if he gave up too soon on Elena.”

Abby/Chance: “Abby and Chance will face a marital crisis in the new year which will test the newlyweds’ commitment to each other. Both Abby and Chance will look to their families for support and guidance.”

Summer/Sally: “The rivalry between Summer and Sally heats up when Summer decides to play dirty and learn more about her new rival. Jack and Lauren will do their best to keep the peace and protect the bottom line at Jabot and Fenmore’s/JVC. Viewers will see Sally invading not only Summer’s work life but personal territory, as well, when she sets her sights on one of Genoa City’s most eligible bachelors.”