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YOUNG AND RESTLESS's Sharon Case (Sharon): Me Vs. My Character

Sharon Case, Sharon Newman

ABC; Howard Wise/

Who makes a better cup of coffee? “Well, Sharon’s never actually made a cup of coffee because the prop department makes it for her on the stage. I have to say I make a really good cup of coffee. People really like my coffee.”

Who’s better with numbers? “I’m terrible at math but Sharon Newman is all about bookkeeping for the coffeehouse and her new company.”

Who’s braver? “I’d have to call a tie. Yes, Sharon killed a man to save her daughter, but it’s also brave to set out to be a working actor. You’re taking your life into your hands. I’ve been through a lot of stuff and walked over a lot of coals for my career.”

Who’s more impulsive? “Me. I am very spontaneous and make plans at the last minute, but Sharon Newman can’t because she’s running a household, a business and managing kids. People with kids are planners.”

Who’s a better cook? “I am, but that one to me is close. Sharon is used to cooking for her family but you’re trapped by what they want to eat. I’ve traveled the world and I feel that’s influenced my cooking and I’ve learned a few other spicy skills. And I love to cook.”

Who has more magazine subscriptions? “We’ve seen a stack of magazines in Sharon Newman’s house and sometimes a scene will open with her reading a magazine. I used to have a lot of magazine subscriptions but cut way back on them.”

Who would have a more entertaining TikTok? “Probably Sharon Newman because she’s got kids and would probably make videos with them, while I’m rarely on social media.”

Who’s nosier? “I would say Sharon Newman because she’s probably more gossipy, which would be fun for her. I stay out of people’s business.”

Who’s the bigger animal lover? “I win that one because Sharon Newman hasn’t really had any pets. I’ve always had dogs.”

Who’s the better dancer? “I am. I’ve taken a lot of ballet and I don’t know that Sharon Newman has.”

Who’s better at arts and crafts? “Sharon Newman because she’s a mom and probably found activities to do from magazines. But I never learned how to knit or anything like that.”

Who’s more athletic? “I still work out in the gym plus do yoga and dance classes, so I would say I’m more athletic.”

Who’s a better model? “I’ve done professional modeling for a longer stretch than Sharon Newman, so I’d give that one to me.”

Who’s better at remembering birthdays and anniversaries? “Sharon Newman. I try to remember to plug special occasions into my phone but I’m not even good at that.”

Who was a wilder teenager? “I tend to think that would be me, but Sharon Newman did get pregnant when she was still in high school so I’m going to give that one to her.”

Who’s better at gardening? “I am. My parents are really into gardening, so I grew up around it. I really have fabulous gardens at my house and I’ve never really seen Sharon Newman garden.”

Who’s more likely to try something new with her appearance, like when it comes to hair color and hairstyle changes? “I have to give that to Sharon Newman because she did dye her hair brunette in a gas station bathroom when she went on the run and I don’t see myself ever doing that.”

Who’s a better friend? “I feel that I connect with a lot more people than Sharon Newman does.”

Who’s most likely to take on a DIY project at home? “I think that would be me. We’ve haven’t really seen Sharon Newman’s living room change in many years, except a new sofa some time ago. I have done a lot of home improvements to my own home, and I’m not afraid to tackle projects, so that one goes to me.”

Who takes longer to make up her mind? “Sharon Newman will think about something for a long time. I’ve been known to do that on occasion but mostly I make quick decisions because I just don’t have the time really. I make a decision and move on.”

Who’s better at telling white lies? “Since Sharon Newman has so much drama in her life than I do, she probably tells several more white lies than I’ve ever had to.”

Who has the most stressful job? “Me. My job is being an actress and there’s a lot to that. Acting is not necessarily an easy thing to do. There’s a lot to know and learn, and you’re thinking about 25 different things at the same time while you’re on stage. Sharon runs the coffeehouse but she’s got a staff helping her out. Sharon seems to have a lovely life in the coffeehouse that’s stress free. There’s a lot to do with the business side of things but once that’s done, she’s in a social environment and it seems a little more relaxed.”