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YOUNG AND RESTLESS's Eileen Davidson Dishes About Ashley's Alters

Eileen Davidson


In a new interview with TV Insider, Eileen Davidson (Ashley, Y&R) is dishing about the dramatic twist she’s been charged with playing on Y&R now that Ashley is in the throes of dissociative identity disorder.

Davidson revealed that Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith was inspired to delve deeper into Ashley’s twisted psychological history — click here for a retrospective of her mental health journey — after Davidson brought it up while chatting with Griffith shortly after Tucker and Ashley’s marriage hit the skids in Paris in 2023. “He remembered and got really inspired by that,” she shared. Davidson embraced the challenge of playing both Ashley and her alters, but admitted, “It makes my head hurt because it’s Ashley and then sometimes mid-scene, I’m becoming the alter, so I’m starting off as one and ending up as another.”

Making the experience all the more enjoyable for Davidson is that her close friend, Lisa Williams, who was her body double on DAYS when playing not only Kristen, but also Susan, Thomas, Penelope and Sister Mary Moira, is back on the job. “We never thought we’d be doing that again on a different show, and it’s just been great,” the actress marveled.

Eileen Davidson-Lisa Williams


Double The Pleasure: Davidson (pictured as DAYS’s Sister Mary Moira), is thrilled to have BFF Lisa Williams (clad as DAYS’s Thomas) once again serving as her body double.