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YOUNG AND RESTLESS's Colleen Zenk On Her Star-Studded Charitable Turn

Colleen Zenk-Tracey Bregman-Melody Thomas Scott-Lauralee Bell-Michelle Stafford

Melody Thomas Scott/Instagram

The Y&R crew was all smiles outside of the Project Angel Food kitchen.

Colleen Zenk (Jordan, Y&R) was elated to volunteer alongside co-stars Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), Eric Braeden (Victor), Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren), Lauralee Bell (Christine), and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) at the busy kitchen of Project Angel Food, a foundation that provides free and nutritious meals to people affected by health challenges. The trip to Project Angel Food was organized by Thomas Scott in honor of her 45th anniversary as Nikki. “It was wonderful,” beams Zenk. “It was such an inspiring place and I got the invitation to join them, which thrilled me to be included, because it was a select little group. That really made me very happy that I could join them and be there to celebrate Mel.” About the performance of Zenk’s star-studded group, she assures, “We worked our butts off. We thought we’d be cooking but you have to be licensed to do that, which makes sense, so we were label masters, slapping the right labels on the different dinners. It’s very important and we were so efficient that they kept running out of labels and we had to wait around for more labels to show up! I don’t even know how many different dinners that we labeled, but I would say there were between 500 and 1000 labels that we did. It was massive. They send out 3000 meals a day, all over Los Angeles County. They rely on the volunteers to come in and do what we did that day and we all came out feeling pretty damn good.” Zenk also learned that she has a personal connection to the organization. “The interesting thing for me was in talking to my daughter, Georgia, the night before,” the actress explains. “She said, ‘Mom, I work with them every day!’ She’s one of the top registered dietitians at the Los Angeles V.A. [Veteran Affairs] and they work with Project Angel Food on a daily basis about the different diets that Project Angel Food supplies for her patients that she works with at the V.A. She gives the dietary requirements for all of the different types of patients that she has, so she’s very impressed with Project Angel Food.”