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Y&R Recaps Week of January 15, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
Claiming her self-inflicted stab wound was infected, a sweat-drenched Sheila
weakly begged Paul for antibiotics. He looked concerned but kept up the
tough-guy routine and threatened to leave her to die. “No one would care.
Not one person in this world. I’d be doing a service to humanity,” he
hissed. Oooh, that was harsh! Paul walked off, leaving Sheila to sit limply
in her cell.

Lily and Daniel showed up at the loft to help pack up Colleen’s things. Lily
urged J.T. to forgive her pal, but he remained stone-faced. Before walking
out, J.T. reminded Colleen to leave her keys.

Katherine met with J.T. at the coffeehouse to see how much progress he’d
made tracking down Violet. He reported that he’d scoured all the bars, but
no one remembered her. Amber eavesdropped on the discussion. Afterward,
Amber asked J.T. about Colleen and learned they’d split. She mentioned that
she and Adrian had split, J.T. correctly guessed that the professor had
dumped her. They took a table together and chatted. Amber pried about his
relationship with Katherine, but he clammed up. Colleen walked in with Lily
and locked eyes with J.T., who took off. Of course, Adrian was there, so
Colleen went to go talk to him. They agreed that both of them had wanted
each other, but Adrian said he’s sorry that their tryst happened. Colleen
didn’t feel the same way.

Paul showed up at Crimson Lights, where Maggie chewed him out because he was
an hour late for their date, which he’d clearly forgotten. Maggie demanded
to know what Paul was up to and said she could have him tailed. The
conversation turned light-hearted, but she noticed when he dropped a bottle
of pills, which he claimed were antihistamines. He said he had to go, but
promised to make it up to her with a dozen roses. She requested single malt
Scotch instead.

While Victor was at the ranch preparing for his trip with Brad, Carlton was
at Newman Enterprises sidestepping Phyllis’s questions about where Brad was
going. Not buying his cover story, she warned that if he ever drew Nick into
his drama again, she’d expose Brad’s past to the authorities. Meanwhile,
back at the ranch, Nick confronted his dad about the trip and said that he
knew Victoria is in on it. Nick was irked by Victor’s refusal to tell him

Nick and Phyllis met up and talked over how shady Brad and Victoria are
being. Phyllis suggested that Brad could still be lying to his wife.
“Could? You’re being optimistic,” sniped Nick. He promised Phyllis that he
was going to look out for his family…. After Brad said good-bye, Victoria
confided in her mom about how afraid she is. Niki echoed the sentiment….
Victor and Brad prepared to leave town.

After her talk with J.T., Amber went online to do some sleuthing on the
Violet situation. She smirked to herself about the finder’s fee.

Paul, armed with a wooden beam, entered Sheila’s nursery/prison and gave her
antibiotics. He explained that he’d told his doctor that he has an ear
infection. He held a bottle of water to her lips and she seemed too weak to
drink up on her own, then her eyes popped wide open.

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