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Y&R Recaps Week of Jan. 30, 2006

Friday, February 3, 2006
Phyllis promised Nicholas that no one would find out about them. Right after, Sharon barged in, demanding to talk to them about something which was on her mind. They were surprised when Sharon apologized for things being so tense around the office. Phyllis quickly left when Sharon began planning a romantic evening with Nick. “What was that about?” asked Sharon. “It’s like she doesn’t want to be around me.” Perhaps. Or maybe she just isn’t comfortable watching you make goo-goo eyes at your hubby in front of her, Shar — for several reasons. Sharon then suggested that she and Nick order in from “the French place on Union.” Is it a fast-food French place? Do they serve Escargot McNuggets and Quarter Pounder Paté? Later, Sharon approached Phyll alone. “What do you want?” Phyllis nervously asked. “I wanted to talk to you about you, me and my husband,” Sharon explained. Oops, it was another false alarm. Sharon was just apologizing — again — for having put Phyllis in the middle of a business-related argument between Sharon and Nick. Phyllis buttered her up by stating that Sharon would make a great spokesperson for the spas. After, Phyllis slumped down with relief and exhaustion. “Oh my God,” she whispered to herself. “It just killed me now.” She then thought of her last sexcapade with Nick … who soon stopped by to see her. Phyllis filled him in on her convo with Sharon. The duo began getting it on again (talking about how “hungry” they are in the process. Perhaps they should call that French place?). Sharon then ran back upstairs to get her keys, which she’d forgotten. D’oh!

Ashley believed that Gloria would be “a little happy” if Ash went to prison, which is why Glo’s been helping her keep John’s culpability in Tom’s murder case under wraps. Gloria denied this; she, Ashley and Jack tried to come up with another plan to help John. “I will do anything to protect my husband!” shrieked Glo. After, the gang got a call that John was with the DA. Jack hoped they’d gotten through to John.

Too late. At the hospital, John told the DA, Will, that he recalls killing Tom. Later, the group arrived just as John was asking Will why he wasn’t going to arrest him. Gloria began screaming at Will to get out and leave her husband around. John insisted that Will stay so they could finish his conversation. Will told them that John had called him.

At the GCAC, Mackenzie and J.T. hung out. Mac asked where he’d been before, but he still didn’t tell her he’d been with Colleen, and came up with a lame excuse instead. Soon, Colleen and Daniel arrived. Colleen apologized to Mac for lashing out at her earlier. She then sweetly told Mac how she’s feeling better since she’d had a talk with J.T. Boy, Col is a little, uh, pot-stirrer, isn’t she? “Er, um … argh,” grumbled a red-faced J.T. as he tried to squirm his way out of this one. To her credit, Mac just smiled and acted as if everything were okay. It was only after, when they were alone, that Mac let her man have it. “I didn’t lie to you,” J.T. argued. “Not technically.” Yeah, and Clinton didn’t inhale. Nice going, Jeffrey Todd. Daniel, meanwhile, called Colleen on her manipulation. Col insisted that she wasn’t trying to do anything…. Mac was concerned about the state of her and J.T.’s relationship. She may also want to take into account that all she and J.T. ever do in their relationship … is talk about the state of it. Yikes.

Victor listened, enraptured, as Nikki practiced the piano. And, wow — what was up with that elaborate candelabra hanging behind the piano? Is Nikki now Liberace? When she finished, Victor admitted that he has some regrets over handing the company over to Nick and Victoria. Nikki couldn’t understand why; he explained that he basically feels useless without a job and envies Nikki for having the spas to work on. Nikki invited her hubby to work on the project with them. He eagerly accepted. Nikki was excited that they’d be going into business together … and Vic immediately began taking charge, telling Nikki what they should do.

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