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What Actors Are Doing At Home: Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B)

My Daily Routine Consists Of: “Breakfast and workouts.”

I’m Staying In Touch With Family And Friends By: “Zoom.”

I’m Keeping In Shape By: “Garage workouts. It’s mostly weights and push-ups and cardio things.”

The Show I Binged And Loved: “Just now, OZARK, season 3. So good! I’ve been telling everyone about this show since season 1. I told Scott [Clifton, Liam], I told everyone, ‘If you like good drama and good acting, watch this show.’ ”

Most Fun Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “Play with my daughter, Everleigh!”

Most Productive Thing I’ve Done While At Home: “Clean the house. There is a lot more to do, trust me, but it is cleaner than it has ever been.”

Most Surprising Thing I’ve Found In My Pantry: “Lots of expired things, things that have been there a long time, just bad, bad stuff.”

The Best Meal I’ve Made Since I’ve Been Staying At Home: “Actually, [wife] Kelly [Kruger, ex-Mackenzie, Y&R] made this chicken tortilla soup the other day that was out of this world. I helped a little bit. I cut the veggies, so maybe you could say that I did help make it.”

The Gadget I’ve Most Relied On: “My Xbox. I’ve been doing a lot of gaming.”

App I Most Recently Downloaded: “Zoom.”

The Person I’m Most Excited To Hug Post- Quarantine: “Everyone at work.”

Right Now, I’m Most Grateful For: “My family, and my little daughter.”

When I Feel Anxious, I…: “Pick up and hug my daughter.”

My Message To The Fans In These Uncertain Times: “We are all going a little stir-crazy at home, but it’s important to check in with family and friends, and we do have social media to stay connected. It’s nice to use that to do something personal. Just stay safe out there, and know that people are thinking about you. We certainly want the best for our fans, and we’re think- ing about them. We love you guys and it can be tough but just keep check- ing in, and know that we are all in this together.”