We Test John McCook (Eric, B&B) On How Well He Knows His Character

1. How did Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas first meet?

“He met her in college at Northwestern [University]. They were college sweethearts.” Correct.

2. What was the name of Eric and Stephanie’s presumed-dead daughter? a) Ann b) Alice c) Alicia d) Angela “Her name was Angela, but wasn’t she really alive and Stephanie was secretly taking care of her or something like that, and then it turned out that she was some kind of impostor?” Correct on all fronts. 

3. How many times has Eric been married? “That’s hard. Are we counting remarriages? If so, I’d say six, but I don’t know. I know there were also some weddings that were supposed to happen but didn’t, and certainly not all of those marriages were wise choices, either. Obviously, Eric must have been like Ridge and must have been dead drunk for at least three of them [laughs].” Incorrect; the answer is nine: Stephanie (four times); Brooke (twice); and Sheila, Donna and Quinn once.

4. True or false: Eric was temporarily blinded in 1991 when he saved his young son, Rick, from a falling bookcase. “That is true. It is absolutely true — because all the heavy books were at the top! Now that’s just stupid.” Correct. 

5. In 1994, in what European locale did Eric take to the stage, along with Sally, Macy and Thorne? a) Amsterdam c) Paris b) Brussels d) Rotterdam                    “It was Rotterdam. That was a really fun time. We were there for a really big concert and the fans who were there were just so wonderful. We felt like rock stars.” Correct.

6. How many heart attacks has Eric survived? “He has survived a lot of things, for God’s sake. I’m just glad he’s still standing. Now, how many heart attacks? I think three.” Incorrect; he’s had two, one in 1993 and one in 2008.

7. When Eric and Sheila were married, they lived in a home that was previously owned by a famous entertainer. Do you recall who that was? “Yes. It was Houdini, I think. Am I right? Harry Houdini. Eric could never find the bedroom in that place. I guess that’s why the marriage didn’t work.” Correct.

8. In 1997, when Eric and Lauren’s plane went down, in what country did they crash? a) Greenland b) Iceland c) Norway d) Sweden “Iceland. It was Iceland, because they almost froze to death — although when your plane goes down and you’re with Lauren Fenmore, it doesn’t really matter where you are.” Incorrect; it was Greenland.

9. In 2009, Eric designed an ugly fashion line to sabotage Bill after he took control of Forrester Creations. What did Eric name his line? “Um, Stallion Fashions? I don’t know what it was.” Incorrect; it was called Dare.

10. When Eric moved Taylor into the Forrester mansion, and his bed, how did the dearly departed Stephanie express her disapproval? “Ha! Her portrait above the fireplace fell off the wall when they kissed. The same thing happened when Eric kissed Quinn, too. That portrait has a life of its own.” Correct.

FINAL SCORE: 6 out of 10. “That’s not too bad, considering we just relived 33 years of history. I thought it would be worse. That was fun!”