We Test Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS) On How Well He Knows His Character

1. What is Brady’s full name?

“Oh no! Is this supposed to be one of the easy ones? I’m going to go with Brady John Black.” Incorrect; it is Brady Victor Black.

2. Before resurfacing in Salem in 2008, Brady disappeared from the apartment he and Chloe shared in Austria. What happened to him?

“Brady developed a substance habit. He was envious of Chloe’s opera career and was sitting around and accidentally got into cocaine. Didn’t he end up in rehab?” Correct; Victor’s minions snatched Brady and forced him into a rehab clinic.

3. True or false: Brady’s fiancée, Arianna, was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

“That is true. And the hit-and-run driver was an employee of EJ’s, which resulted in a giant confrontation between Brady and EJ, because Brady blamed him for Arianna’s death.” Correct.

4. Who did Brady mistake Madison James for when they first met?

“Let’s see. Who did Sarah Joy Brown [ex-Madison] look like? It’s obviously a member of Salem, right? I just have to guess. I’m going to go with Kate.” Incorrect; Brady mistook Madison for the hostess at the restaurant where they were about to have a business meeting.

5. What was the name of the therapist who treated John when his memories were erased, who Brady stopped from plotting revenge against Marlena? a) Dr. Cassandra Hayes b) Dr. Charlotte Taylor c) Dr. Catherine Healy d) Dr. Cristina Morrow

“I’m going to go with a), Cassandra Hayes. It’s a great soap opera name.” Incorrect; it was Dr. Charlotte Taylor.

6. What did Brady find out Vivian did to his mother, Isabella, which made him trap Viv in a sarcophagus and torture her for weeks?

“Vivian didn’t bury Isabella alive, did she? No, that was Carly. Vivian betrayed her in some way. Can we just pretend I got this one right?” Incorrect; Brady found out that Vivian had moved his mother’s remains to a pet cemetery.

7. True or false: Nicole stopped Brady from nearly beating EJ to death on the docks.

“False. It was Molly Burnett [ex-Melanie]; it was Melanie that came in and stopped the beating. At the time, she and Brady were very close. I remember this because it was one of my favorite fight scenes ever that James [Scott, ex-EJ] and I had. It was pretty wild and bloody.” Correct.

8. What pre-wedding present did Brady give Kristen, which made her forsake her plan to have him find her and John in bed together?

“I remember the room and even what Eileen [Davidson, ex-Kristen] was wearing. I picture her in blue for some reason, and I’m wearing a leather jacket. It wasn’t an invitation, was it?” Incorrect; he presented Kristen with adoption papers for their future child (and the scene actually took place in Kristen’s office at DiMera Enterprises).

9. Where did Brady and Theresa meet?

“They met in an AA meeting. At the time I was thinking, ‘What an interesting pairing of these two people that were completely defiant with their entire families and circles around them, and what an odd place to cultivate a relationship.’ But it was a nice departure from two people bumping into each other in the park.” Correct.

10. What and where was the birthmark on baby Mickey, which made Brady realize she was really Rachel?

“It was a little heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. Yes! It was three months ago, so I got that one.” Correct.

FINAL SCORE: 5 out of 10. “I’m going to get a lot of flak from fans. I clearly don’t know Brady at all. I need to do my homework. I’m going to spend the day on YouTube watching Brady videos.”