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Wasted Youth

Robin Lang
A spoiled and very frustrated Robin spent most of her preteen days harboring resentment for her mother, Kathy Roberts, back in 1958, long before “tween” was part of daytime vernacular. Born into a troubling and unstable family situation (her father abandoned her and her young mother often left her in the care of her grandmother, Meta), Robin became a malicious, manipulative child, especially after Kathy married Mark Holden. She threatened to run away from home, faked her own kidnapping and even flirted like a Lolita. Robin alienated herself from much of her family and after her mother suddenly died in a car accident, bad behavior continued to dominate her youth.
Tim Werner
The adopted son of Sara McIntyre, Tim returned to Springfield in 1980 and attracted much controversy when the boarding school he attended out of town accused him of being involved in a girl’s suicide. At Springfield High, Tim fell for Morgan, but the relationship eventually turned into a love triangle when Morgan began sleeping with Kelly, an older college student. Upset, Tim turned to the bottle. He was arrested for drunk driving after he was behind the wheel during a terrible car accident that left Morgan temporarily comatose. He eventually went into rehab to kick his addiction.
Bridget Reardon
Bridget was already a teenage wild child known for balking at rules and raising hell when she moved in with Uncle Ed and Aunt Maureen Bauer in 1991. Just one year later, after some crafty manipulating, Bridget seduced a very intoxicated Hart Jessup and later discovered she was pregnant. When Hart skipped town, Bridget lied to her family and hid her pregnancy by telling them she had gone away on a school trip when she was really camping out in Nadine’s attic until she gave birth. Determined to keep her secret, Bridget handed her son to Nadine, who raised him as her own, but Bridget’s resentment and internal turmoil led to a long list of mischievous acts of sabotage and lies.

“Little” Billy Lewis III
Alcoholism and tumultuous family affairs had a dramatic affect on little Billy’s teen years, as he immediately took to violence and drinking. In 1989, he was kicked out of school for threatening a classmate. Then in 1991, he took a cue from his father and started drinking to cope with the fact that his parents didn’t reunite. When he was inebriated, he stole Grandpa H.B.’s Bentley and crashed it.
Jonathan Randall
Although he was born into royalty, Jonathan arrived in Springfield in 2004 as a reckless youth named JB. Rebellious behavior quickly cemented his status as one of the town’s most ruthless bad boys. Jonathan sold drugs to rich Springfield kids (including Lizzie) who were looking for fun; then he quickly fell for his cousin Tammy. In a shockingly devious act, Jon seduced Tammy and slept with her, fully aware of their familial tie. Short-tempered, with an edgy demeanor to match, he embarked on an even greater path of destruction with a series of thefts, assaults and roughhousing that included trying to strangle Mom Reva and punching out a police officer. He was also arrested for arson and violating the restraining order keeping him away from Tammy.

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