Tuesday Take Five With Sharon Case (Sharon, Y&R)

Credit: JPI

What job do you know you wouldn’t be good at? “Waitressing. I played a waitress on TV and I cannot carry a tray or remember anyone’s order to save my life. I worked in fast food when I was a kid and it was so much fun, but I know I couldn’t bump up to waitressing.”

What city other than L.A. would you like to live in? “I used to think I’d love to live in New York, but you know what? I’m done with how cold it gets there. I can see myself living in Miami!”

What’s one of your favorite smells? “Puppy paws.”

Which age do you wish you could be permanently? “I would choose 40. It’s a great age to be because you’re finally smart. You pretty much know everything you’re going to learn. You usually have it together and you’re still youthful. You still look good, you still have energy and your health and you’ve probably worked enough where you have money to do a little traveling.”

Which hobby do you wish you had more time for? “I love cooking and wish I had more time for that. It’s really therapeutic for me.”



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