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Tuesday Fast Five With Matthew Atkinson

What do you collect? “I’ve gone through different modes. Right now, I like to get a sticker for everywhere I go. I used to get coffee mugs, but then I had too many coffee mugs, and then I got caps, and I had too many caps that I never wear, so I decided to get something small, and I bring a cooler with me whenever I travel, and so I put the stickers on my cooler, and now my cooler is covered in stickers.”

If you could pick up a new skill, what would it be? “So many! I’ve never done real rock climbing out in the world, outside of a wall inside a rock-climbing gym. I think that would be cool.”

What is your favorite family tradition? “Having cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.”

What is your favorite meal of the day? “Dinner.”

If you had to change your first name, what would you choose? “My first name isn’t actually Matthew. It’s John but I go by Matthew and have since I was a kid. If I had to change it, I actually like Thomas. That is a great name.”