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Tuesday Fast Five With Mary Beth Evans

What food do you wish was calorie-free? “Rocky road ice cream, my favorite.”

What was your best family vacation? “We went to Telluride every year for 10 years, probably for Christmas, with friends, and they had a house and it was just magnificent. It’s not a serious memory, but we loved it and we talk about it all the time. It was in the fabric of our family for a long time.”

On what topic do you feel qualified to give advice? “Parenting.”

What gets on your nerves? “Manipulative people. Unfortunately, I know about that first-hand.”

What is your favorite holiday? “Christmas, because I love to decorate and have family and friends over and share the day. And I know how to make all those foods, so that’s good. I just love the whole thing, the coziness, the family, all of it.”