Tuesday Fast Five With Lawrence Saint-Victor

What will we never find in your fridge? “You will never find fake vegan meat. No vegan substitutes. Either I’m eating [meat] or I’m not.”

What trend makes you feel old? “There are a lot of them [laughs]. I get TikTok, but I don’t understand the fascination with it.”

What is your favorite dessert on a cheat day? “Oh, man, I just came off one, too. I always have to end it with Ben & Jerry’s Americone [Dream] ice cream. That is the last thing I’m eating on every cheat day.”

What is a phrase you tend to overuse? “When I’m texting, ‘Awesome.’ I use it too much — or ‘Amazing.’ I don’t actually say it a lot but when I’m texting or tweeting, I’ll say those words way too much.”

What advice would you give your younger self? “I would tell him, ‘Man, allow yourself to be lost. Allow yourself to figure it out. Don’t be concerned with having to figure everything out. Just go on the journey and enjoy it. Figure out what’s in front of you, and everything else will play out.’ ”