Tuesday Fast Five With Judi Evans (Bonnie, DAYS)

What errands do you hate to run? “It’s kind of funny, but I like running errands. I like to organize my route, what I need ahead of time and make an endless amount of lists. If I complete them all in a timely and orderly manner, it makes me feel good about myself, like I accomplished something meaningful.”

What is your favorite movie soundtrack? “There’s so many, I simply cannot pick just one. I have three: Saturday Night Fever, Out of Africa and Almost Famous.”

What’s your favorite way to waste time? “Laying in bed and watching endless TV. I can shut out the swirling world and all these thoughts running 10,000 miles a minute in my head.”

What smell brings back great memories? “Freshly brewed coffee and bacon frying in the early morning. Brings back my first memories of my family’s kitchen, the sun streaming through the multitude of windows, red and white gingham tablecloth spread over a big farmer’s table, stainless steel fixtures sparkling with kisses of sunshine.”

What TV show would you want your life to be like? “THE DONNA REED SHOW. Life was simple and loving, and funny and sweet. I still love the image of a woman with pearls.”