Tuesday Fast Five With Donny Boaz

What is your favorite part of the day? “It’s either 6 a.m., when I’m gearing up for work and feel the excitement/butterflies of doing great work on my job, or 6 p.m., when the day is over and you feel/know you’ve done great work on the job.”

How do you prefer to shop for groceries: In-store, online or have someone else do it? “I’ve always shopped in-store. I’ve never shopped online or had someone else buy groceries for me. I like to see it, hold it and choose it before putting it in my cart.”

What is your stupid human trick? “My girlfriend said, ‘The fact that you can eat Dairy Queen, a large pizza and then wake up with a six-pack.’ My sister said, ‘King of useless knowledge.’ ”

What is your nickname and how did you get it? “Most of my friends call me ‘D-Bo.’ First initial and first syllable of my last name. Other friends have called me ‘Brasco’. From the movie Donnie Brasco.”

What and when was your last fast-food meal? “About 30 minutes ago. I had an original chicken sandwich and tater tots for lunch at Fritzi Coop. Sadly, I eat a lot of fast food. I’m a sandwich junkie. I’ll have Subway, Jimmy John’s or Jersey Mike’s at least twice a week.”