Tuesday Fast Five With Alley Mills (Pam, B&B)

Alley Mills 014 January 2015

Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy Of Bell-Phillip Television Inc

What play was influential in terms of you wanting to be an actor? “I remember seeing My Fair Lady, Cam-elot and The Sound of Music as a very young kid on Broadway with my mother, and I knew then I wanted to do that.”

What’s something that makes you see red? “Betrayal makes
me see bright, bloody red.”

What’s your favorite time of day? “I like getting up before work in the early, early morning. I would never normally do it but because of the soap, I get up really early and when the sun comes up, I love it. I sit out on my deck with a cup of coffee and it’s my favorite time. No one is up. All the birds are out. I love it — but don’t get me up till noon any other time [laughs].”

What’s your favorite season? “Spring. When the flowers start to come up out of the ground on their own, it just blows my mind.”

What’s something you did that really surprised you? “Driving by myself in the snow in Whistler, Canada. I’m very proud
of myself.”



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